Tiger Woods a No-Show at Ryder Cup Task Force Meeting — And Lanny H Salutes Him!

I say this with all sincerity: I would rather see Tiger Woods as captain of the Ryder Cup team than Phil Mickelson.

I call them like I see them, and I back Tiger Woods 100 percent.  I too would have skipped it.

Ted Bishop (I don’t really know who that is, truth be told, or much care) wrote an op-ed for Sports Illustrated Golf+ Digital.  Read it for yourself if you wish; their format is so eye-wrecking I wouldn’t read it if they were printing tomorrow’s race results a la the Twilight Zone.  Better to go with the summary in this article at SB Nation.

Anyway, the germane parts from SB Nation piece (the following three bullet items are all direct quotes from the article):

  • “The real boss of the U.S. Ryder Cup team is Phil Mickelson,” typed Bishop. “Phil presided over the press conference like a hawk surveying his prey.”
  • Mickelson, Bishop continued, was the driving force behind a revamped points system. Phil and other top players regularly skip the tour’s Fall Series, so Bishop was not surprised that such events will no longer count toward Ryder Cup eligibility. Instead, golfers will compile points in the limited-field WGC tourneys and Players Championship.
  • Bishop also threw out a tantalizing bit of gossip when he wondered about Woods’ absence from the proceedings, which took place in close proximity to his Jupiter, Fla., home. Though acknowledging that Tiger “is dealing with more serious concerns than the Ryder Cup,” Bishop said he was “surprised more folks aren’t talking about his no-show.”

We also learned that Mickelson is scheduled to be the Ryder Cup captain in 2024.

I don’t blame Woods for not going, for a number of reasons.

  1. The Ryder Cup truly is little more than a “pretty big corporate outing” as David Duval once put it.  Rory and Tiger have both called it, in the past, “an exhibition.”  It’s just not that big a deal.  It doesn’t even get much in the way of television ratings.  It’s a waste of time and gets way too much attention.  [I realize some people love it, and I respect that.  But I’m paid — well, paid isn’t quite the word — to give my opinion.]
  2. Mickelson is becoming insufferable.  You’d think the FBI investigating him for insider trading would shut him up, but no, he’s Lance Armstrong-like in his belief that he’s untouchable.  Tiger Woods might have lost some credibility points over the years, but at least the FBI hasn’t investigated him for stealing a million dollars.
  3. It’s not like Mickelson is some Ryder Cup-winning machine.  In ten Ryder Cup appearances, he’s lifted two trophies.  His record is 11-17-6 16-19-6.  No wonder Lee Trevino told him to shut the hell up.  Why would Tiger want to listen to Mickelson wag his tongue?

Mickelson is so lousy at Match Play, he doesn’t even enter the WGC Match Play anymore.  What was it Rickie beat him? 19 and 18?  Here’s hoping Mickelson has seen his last Ryder Cup as a player.  It’s bad enough he’s scheduled to be captain in ten years.

Don’t count the fall events?  Make up your mind, guys.  Are those “real” events or not?  Don’t count them because Phil doesn’t play them?  Yeah, that’s logical and consistent.

I say this with all sincerity: I would rather see Tiger Woods as captain of the Ryder Cup team than Phil Mickelson.  Actually, Woods might not be bad at all.  He’d probably be low-key and recognize that it’s all about hitting the shots and nothing about coaching.  If coaching made any difference, Bill Belichick could scream Keegan Bradley to a WGC Match Play title every year.

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2 Responses to Tiger Woods a No-Show at Ryder Cup Task Force Meeting — And Lanny H Salutes Him!

  1. Ken says:

    Mickelson is 16-19-6 in Ryder Cup. Good? No. But with the US losing 8 out of 10 Ryder Cups, very few players will have good individuals records. No Americans really do over that time. Not totally defending Phil’s play, but he hasn’t been as bad as often portrayed. Individual records are tied up with partners and can be deceptive. He’s 5-2 in last two matches. Exclude on awful 0-5, and Phil is over .500 which is rather good considering the RC results of the overall team.

    You call it insufferable. I think it shows passion for the event. Maybe they should have sought his advice years ago considering the American fortunes. By all accounts, the other players like and respect Phil and look to him as their leader. That process needed a shakeup.

    In your eyes, is an accusatuon or an investigation the equivalent of guilt?

    • lannyh says:

      Oh, is my 11-17-6 old information? I’ll adjust. Thanks for the correction.

      An accusation or an investigation is not the equivalent of guilt, but when I learned Mickelson was trading such a massive quantity of out-of-the-money options that close to expiration, I had little doubt he was guilty right then and there. He wasn’t betting the stock would go up, he was betting the stock would go up in the next few trading days. You don’t do that because you are feeling lucky. He may get off, but he’s guilty of insider trading.

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