This Monday Morning Coverage

I’m really liking this coverage.  The early start on a bright, clear day reminds me of being out with my buddies on a Saturday morning.  Smaller and soberer galleries; no drunks shouting.  Even the American announcers seem less hyper.

All top 50 players committed to WGC Trump, I just heard.  Nice.  I’m going to highlight several Euros in that field; I plan to follow them in regards to a squabble I have with the guy at Golf Analytics (or something like that).  No big deal, but it will add a nice subplot for me this week.

Mickelson is seeking only his second top ten in forever.  Sits at T-11 right now.

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4 Responses to This Monday Morning Coverage

  1. Ken says:

    There won’t be a better feel-good win than this one in 2015. Harrington is one of the sport’s good guys. Back from the abyss.

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