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Elling Bringing the Heat Today

I follow two people on Twitter: Steve Elling and Dan Jenkins.  Enough said. Advertisements

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9-Year-Old Rory Told Woods I’m Coming to Get You!!

The New York Times Magazine has a long-form piece out on Rory.  I’d tell you more, but I just started reading it myself…

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As Tiger Woods Continues His “Sabbatical,” Golf Fans Ask Each Other “When Do You Think Tiger Started Using PEDs?”

It seems most golf fans no longer wonder if Tiger Woods used PEDs; at this point, they assume he did.  Remember, as far back as

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We Don’t Need No Education: Another Lie in the Myth

I forgot I said I’d post this in the afternoon.   It’s evening now, so I better write it and post it.  It’ll have to be quick and dirty. There’s a Business Insider article pushing the Tiger-Made-Golfers-Rich lie.  It’s title?  “The … Continue reading

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Attack of the Profile Unavailable People

Another comment bombardment by Facebook accounts at CBS.  Somebody is really going to a lot of effort to create the impression there is still high interest in Woods.  My guess is Mark Steinberg.

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Monday Thoughts

Hillary Clinton:  Lanny H Golf endorses Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.  The entire golf world should embrace

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Tiger Falls From Top 100, the mainstream golf media frenzy will commence in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

He’s #104.  By the time the sun rises tomorrow, Google News searches will return, oh, about 1000 articles on that topic.  By noon, 10,000.  Bank on it.  It’s Dinah Shore week and the last week before the Masters; nevertheless, the … Continue reading

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