Rory McIlroy Honda Inverrary Classic Live Blog, Day Two Friday (running post)

4:40 pm Update: Final Wrap

Patrick Reed will be around to wear his trademark Sunday red and black, and Rory McIlroy got an early start on his preparation for next week’s WGC-Trump Classic.  Good to see Jason Dufner with two solid rounds.  We may not know how this afternoon’s wave stands until Sunday, as tomorrow promises a day full of rain.  Sergio has really turned things around after a terrible start yesterday.

11:35 am Update

Scheduled resumption is for 12:30 pm.  That’s one-half hour before Golf Channel’s one-hour pregame show, one-and-a-half hours before actual live tourney coverage.  That will put Rory around his 10th or 11th hole when the live coverage begins on Golf Channel.

11:00 am Update: Another Delay…

This one is for lightning.  Looks like we’ll be seeing Rory on TV this afternoon.  I assume this delay will be shorter, as once the lightning leaves, there won’t be any water problems.  During the short resumption, Reed picked up a birdie to partially offset his earlier double.  Rory got a par and striped a drive on the next hole before play was called the second time.  It’s hard to stay interested with this stop-and-go situation, but players must bear down, as they don’t put asterisks for weather delays in made/missed cuts statistics.

10:30 am Update: Play Has Resumed!

Back at it!  The stream is live again.  Rory will resume at No. 12, his third hole of the day, having opened bogey, par.  Weather was a bad break for Patrick Reed, who picked up an unfortunate bogey right before they blew the horn for suspension.

9:45 am Update

Radar shows the rain has moved past Palm Beach.  Looks clear behind that for at least a few hours.  Play to resume in 45 minutes, at 10:30 am EST.

8:45 am Update

Some are questioning whether today’s play should have been “ball in hand.”

The stream has gone to replay, so I’m turning it off.  I’ll monitor on Morning Drive when that begins in fifteen minutes.

I can’t find a Rory live blog.  I guess it was a one-day thing.  Too bad.

8:25 am Update: Play Halted

Play halted due to rain, with water pooling on the greens.  Rory is +1 on the day after two holes.  He definitely got the worst side of the draw this week.

6:45 am Update: One Hour Until Liftoff

Rory tees off an hour from now at 7:45 am (EST).  One good thing about the Florida swing — and east-of-the-Mississippi golf, in general — is you don’t have to wait so long for action to commence.  Today, the first groups go off an hour prior to McIlroy-Koepka-DJ.  Which means, they just teed off.

There are several ways to follow this morning’s action.  First, there is the old standby: the PGA Tour’s website scoreboard.

Then there is the live stream, which I think is the PGA Tour by way of CBS, though I’m not sure exactly who is responsible.  I want to say something about these online live streams: they are not nearly as good as they used to be.  Nowadays, they are just like television — if television had constant technical glitches.  Originally, the live streams ran almost commercial free, and the announcers were quite casual.  The end result was something much like being at the event in person.  You’d see the players walking to the tee box, waiting if necessary, chatting with each other, driving, walking to ball, all of this.  Now, just like on TV, they cut to commercials constantly and the continuity is lost.  Add to that the “enhancements” of on-screen graphics, the inexorable technical glitches, and the general slowdown the stream causes on this PC, and, well, I often shut it down and go the route of Play-by-Play on the PGA Tour leaderboard.

Finally, my new favorite: the PGA Tour website’s live blog.  I plan to make another comment today in an attempt to become a regular analyst on this PGA Tour production.  However…  I am not sure if they are doing it again.  They should; it’s more important to do it today than yesterday when it mainly coincided with Golf Channel’s television coverage.  (I will insert a link above if/when they announce a live blog for today.)

Rory’s Post-Round Interview:  Here’s the kind of thing that makes me like Rory:

I mean, walking from 14 green to 15 tee, I said to Brooks, let’s just make a couple birdies on the way in, try and get something out of it.  Luckily I was sort of able to do that.

When Rory said that, he halted briefly in the middle.  He realized that, while he had played those final four holes in 2-under, Koepka had gone 3-0ver for that same stretch.  Rory kind of regretted his wording, and sought a way to express his happiness about his finish without kicking dirt on Koepka.  McIlroy also gave a considered answer to a question about the mental vs physical aspects of playing Thursday’s high winds.  In and of themselves, those aren’t huge things, but Rory is routinely civil and gracious, and what a contrast that is to the behavior of athletes in so many other sports.

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5 Responses to Rory McIlroy Honda Inverrary Classic Live Blog, Day Two Friday (running post)

  1. Sports-realist says:

    Rory needs to learn some ‘course management’…On the 18th, he was trying to hit a wood about of deep wet grass(very difficult shot, especially from over 200 yards)…The ball goes into the water…..

    • lannyh says:

      It’s tough to watch. He’s battling. If he could just get a birdie putt or two to fall. I have a feeling he is going to survive, but it isn’t going to be easy.

      • Sports-realist says:

        Really just didn’t hit many quality shots…Most 2nd shots were very avg leaving long birdie or par putts…..Both he and Dustin Johnson tried to overpower the golf course, and they got their lunches handed to them…..

  2. Ken says:

    One of the most annoying things I read from US golf fans are comments calling Rory a punk, arrogant, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth in how this man comports himself. Yahoo is full of such comments.

    I think some of it is from the Woods haters. Rory is a Nike guy, he’s had to say nice things about his Nike stablemate, so he gets lumped with Woods.

    Some of it is because he broke his engagement. He’s a young guy not ready to marry. The Woods haters equate that with Woods’ reprehensible behavior.

    People should open their eyes and realize that this young man should be a role model for every public figure.

    • lannyh says:

      Well put. You can’t take those people seriously. Most of them. like you said, are angry at Woods’s fall from grace, so try to tear down everyone else.

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