Lanny H Golf May Be Shutting Down

If nobody here points out the problem with this statement from Karen Crouse’s recent New York Times piece, I’m closing this place down:

His 18-month victory drought in official events notwithstanding, Woods has won 26 percent of his starts on the tour as a pro. Jack Nicklaus, the 18-time major winner whose records Woods has been chasing, was victorious in 12.7 percent of his starts.

I need help in holding the golf media responsible.  I might get hit by a meteor or something.  (Which, if that actually happens, would be another reason for Lanny H Golf closing.)

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10 Responses to Lanny H Golf May Be Shutting Down

  1. Anonymous says:

    I could…..but I prefer not to.

  2. sretsam68 says:

    Unreal. Let’s see what Woods’ win percentage is if he plays in his 40s, 50s, and 60s. Haney did this same thing in his book, “The Big Miss”.

  3. Sports-realist says:

    Karen has just shown how AWFUL and slanted and dishonest she is as a sportswriter…..Also, does she count the withdraws as a start? I doubt it…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Glad you aren’t shutting down:) I want to ask though, why don’t you upgrade your site a bit? Move away from WordPress and get your own domain. Your content is good and it deserves a better web experience.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, a couple of things. You may or may not be aware that I have the option to move to “” for something like a dollar a month. A lot of “famous” websites have done this, which people may or may not be aware. I often recognize the same basic format as this website. What really stands out, though, is that my WordPress account shows me signed in at those sites.

      I don’t do the same because (1) I don’t take this website seriously. I admit there are days I spend an incredible amount of time on it, but I think I pretty much just abandoned it during football season the past few years. (2) I kind of like the idea of having “wordpress” in the URL. There’s kind of a stigma to it, in a way. It’s not a “real” website to some (even though I know there are a LOT of wordpress websites, who merely pay the dollar a month, of which people are unaware). So I guess it fits the “outlaw” image of myself if I suffer the “stigma” of the obvious “free” and “not real” wordpress website. Also, I think wordpress is pretty darn amazing for a freebie, so I don’t mind people seeing that, and maybe getting the idea to do their own blog.

      It is pretty weird that this website has started getting so much traffic. Its real purpose was so I could write a long post with my own research and post it, knowing Golf Channel or whoever else could not delete it! I might spend an couple of hours busting a Tiger Woods myth, then GC would just delete it. I laugh now, but it was frustrating. Posting here, I could just refer people to it.

      I’ve never really advertized this place at all. Most traffic, I think, comes from Google searches for things GC and the other golf sites won’t touch. If I go to, say, Bleacher Report, and make a few comments — I think I can actually post my URL there, though I can’t remember for certain — I will pick up a fair amount of extra traffic for a few days. Oh, and a lot of traffic comes from overseas.

      It’s pretty interesting to contemplate, really. I started it as a useful joke, or a workaround, and it just kind of organically evolved. Already this year, I have almost as much traffic as I had in the first five months last year.

      You may or may not recall when I did a couple of articles about Macklemore and his Nike song “Wing$.” It was a heartfelt piece, but I didn’t think it would get ten views, because most golf people would not be interested. But Macklemore rap fans continue to read it, finding it through web searches. During football season when I neglect the site and traffic slows down, that article brings in the vast majority of views.

      Again, I find it all pretty interesting. You can tell by my novel-length reply. You kind of get a taste what “real journalists” do, and I know that when I brag/joke that I can write anything I want, that that is really a true statement, and that it gives me an incredible freedom — and an advantage over the paid guys. That’s one of the reasons I hold Steve Elling in such high regard. He wrote things I might have been leery to do myself — that pay for play article about Greenbrier of his took GUTS — even though I don’t depend on this website for anything. This website takes away from me, it doesn’t provide anything, haha. Anyway, thanks for asking about it. It’s something I never get a chance to discuss.

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