Karen Crouse, Golf “Journalist,” Makes Case For Why Women Should Be Paid Less Than Men (Countdown: Only 2 More Waiting Days Left Until Rory McIlroy)

Karen Krouse of the New York Times produced an article so misinformed in basic background information regarding Rory McIlroy that she should be fired on the spot.  Or reassigned to the Fashion and Lifestyle section.

The title, “With Tiger Woods in Decline, a Sport and Its Sponsors Ponder the Future,” immediately activated my bullshit detector.  The article started off rather circumspect, though: Crouse said that Woods is “credited” with bringing more money to the game.  I smiled.  That wily Crouse knows Woods didn’t really bring more money to the game, but what she wrote is true:  He is credited with it.  My hopes for an adult article, however, were soon dashed:

McIlroy is in the vanguard of a generation of players in their 20s who were drawn to the game after falling under Woods’s spell.

Perhaps when I wrote yesterday that the American golf media hates Rory McIlroy, I didn’t go far enough.

Facts: Rory’s grandfather was a long-time member of the Holywood Golf Club, where he was considered the man to beat.  Rory’s father won the Holywood Golf Club’s championship.  Rory’s two uncles also played golf.  Rory’s father worked at the Holywood Golf Club.

Rory was born in 1989; at age 2, he hit a 40-yard drive.  At age 5, he received his first proper clubs, a set of cut-down ladies’ Mizunos.  Also at age 5, he began taking golf lessons from Michael Bannon, the man who remains his coach to this day.

Rory, as a kid, signed his name as “Rory Nick Faldo McIlroy.” He met Darren Clarke at age 9.  Also at the age of 9, he won the world championship for the 9-10 age group at Doral in Miami.

Pardon my French, but there are times when the F-word is the only option.  After reading Crouse’s claim, all I can say is… FICTION!  Crouse should label her pieces fiction, adding a blurb stating any resemblance to actual people is coincidental.

Rory was drawn to the game after falling under Woods’s spell?  What horseshit.  What absolute horseshit.  If the New York Times wishes to retain credibility, they must immediately retract and correct Crouse’s nonsense.

New York Times Things To Do List:

  1. Fire Karen Crouse.
  2. Hire Steve Elling.
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11 Responses to Karen Crouse, Golf “Journalist,” Makes Case For Why Women Should Be Paid Less Than Men (Countdown: Only 2 More Waiting Days Left Until Rory McIlroy)

  1. Kris says:

    Your title is offensive. A woman that you are a fan of writes one sentence you take issue with, and you slam an entire gender? It’s true, Rory didn’t start playing golf because of Tiger, but he has said he was a fan of Tiger and that influenced his game. It’s obvious you have a massive crush on Rory, but this article wasn’t about him. The other young golfers she mentioned didn’t all pick up the game because of Tiger, but they all said Tiger influenced them in some way, so it’s good enough for a transitional paragraph. Karen Crouse is a good journalist and does a better job than most, even the ones with a penis. Did you read the rest of the article? You should have, because it was good, like most of her work.

    • lannyh says:

      Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

      Crouse said Rory was “drawn to the game after falling under Woods’s spell.” That’s simply false.

      In the past, Crouse has done some good work regarding drug testing on the PGA Tour. However, at last year’s British Open, she failed to ask Woods about the revelations in the just-released book by Elfrink and Garcia-Roberts, “Blood Sport.”

      As for the equal pay issue, there really isn’t one. Once you adjust for hours worked and the danger/difficulty/life disruption of the jobs, women make 98 cents on the dollar, hardly anything to get up in arms about. After last night’s Academy Awards propaganda, I will not apologize for my headline.

      • Kris says:

        I don’t understand why her gender was mentioned. I didn’t watch the Oscars so I didn’t realize they got the “Men’s Rights Activists” worked up. Keep your stupid headline. What I’m saying is you need to stop masturbating to Rory long enough to be objective. It is a New York Times article written about golf post-Tiger, not a biography of Rory McIlroy. If you’re going to get mad that she was wrong about Rory playing golf because of Tiger, be mad that she was wrong about Jordan, Rickie and Sang-Moon Bae, too. No, that wasn’t the way to word that sentence, but it was one sentence in the sea of her work that you’ve said you’re a fan of. And you can’t hold not asking about Blood Sport against her. No one else asked, either. You don’t know all the politics behind keeping journalism jobs and the idiotic things that make people lose them.

        And to you, Realist, the European press is just as biased and often more harsh to both Europeans and Americans. For example, at the Ryder Cup at Medinah, Luke Donald was asked about living in Chicago by an American, then immediately accused of not being British enough by a European. No one country or continent has better journalists. They all suck in different ways. It’s rare to find good ones, period.

      • lannyh says:

        I’ll ignore your childish vulgarity… Why would I comment on Spieth, Fowler, and/or Bae when I have no earthly idea why they started playing golf. (Actually, Fowlers uncle, I think, took him to the range, so, yeah, it’s false in his case, too.) But I knew the facts surrounding Rory McIlroy’s childhood.

        Look, Crouse completely blew it. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. That’s not the only “mistake” in that piece of propaganda. Along with several run-of-the-mill mistakes, there is one bad one, and one truly obvious and unforgivable one. I’ll write about them tomorrow if my readers have not already pointed them out before then.

        As far as the politics of keeping a job, I gotta thinking making stuff up is a big strike against a reporter. I bet Brian Williams agrees.

    • Sports-realist says:

      Point is Kris, that these defacto writers, called journalists, have a VERY Americanized view of things…..Lanny shows you how the writer is somehow insinuating that Rory picked up a golf club because of Eldrick, when golf was already a big part of his life in the early 90’s…In the early 90’s Jack Nicklaus would have still been the influence for MOST golfers, HOWEVER, in the European landscape, they have their own heroes like Nick Faldo and Seve Ballesteros ect……Woods wasn’t even a ‘glint in the milkmans camera eye until around 1996….If you asked MOST Americans who Eldrick Tiger Woods was in 1996, they would have had NO idea(especially females)……Now ofcourse, these LAZY writers male or female, try and rewrite golf history to insinuate that golf REALLY started in 1997…..SMH

    • Sports-realist says:

      Ok, but when a women uses the phrase ‘Woods spell’, it sounds like something sexual, and nothing to do with golf…Sounded like she had a ‘Freudian slip’ from a women writer who is probably very attracted to his money and status……We are talking about a man hitting a golf ball around, but she’s writing like she will be the next Denny’s waitress to go to Woods compound, especially when you use the word ‘SPELL’ as though everyone is in a cult or trance-like state….I’ve heard and read some of the male golf writers use some strange terms when describing Woods, and it makes them sound like a bunch of homos….Again Freudian slip—she had one there…………….Sure, I’m sure both medias are bias, but that’s my point, would you ever hear an American media person say we were under “Seve Ballesteros’ spell” or “Rory Mcllroy spell”?…Ofcourse not, so why would Rory from another country be under an American’s golfers spell? It was poor Americanized writing on her part……….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Like it or not Rory has stated that Tiger Woods was one of the the players he looked up to. Obviously not the only one, but one nonetheless.

    • lannyh says:

      And your point is? I look up to Rory, but he hardly drew me to the game after I fell under his spell. This is a factual matter.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s all wording, which in this case, you don’t like. There are very few young players that decide to pick up a club because of Tiger. As you mentioned, Rory’s family has a history in golf which is what drew him in. The point is that for Rory, and a lot of the younger golfers these days, Tiger had an effect on their decision to strive to play golf professionally.

        Try not to take everything so literally and see it for what it actually is.

      • lannyh says:

        Can’t you understand that logic is not a matter of what anyone likes or dislikes? Crouse stated very clearly that Rory was drawn to the game of golf due to Tiger Woods. That’s demonstrably false, and not a matter of “wording.” She might as well have written, “McIlroy, who grew up in Buffalo, New York…” Crouse was writing fiction, and I called her on it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I feel sorry for you Lanny.

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