Countdown to Rory: Only 6 More Waiting Days Left, and a couple of Thursday Thoughts

As we get closer and closer to Rory’s 2015 American debut, I realize something very important: I didn’t count the days properly.  Oh, well.  It’s too late now.  Besides, it’sa simple matter now.  One week from today, Rory tees it up!

Due to the breaking news about the Tiger Sham, today’s Rory Countdown piece will be brief.  I’m going to mention a couple of books coming out this spring, one about Rory, the other Shane Ryan’s book about the year he spent traveling with the PGA Tour.  A Tourhead, I guess you could say.  I wish one or both of the books were available now, but, alas, neither will be out for at least a month.

First up is Rory McIlroy: The Champion Golfer by Frank Worrall.  This is a revised and expanded version of an already published book; the new edition will be out April 1, and will be up-to-date including last summer’s two majors.  I  have not yet read a biography about McIlroy, so I will definitely be reading this one come April.  A nice book to read the week before the Masters.

Next is Slaying the Tiger: A Year Inside the Ropes on the New PGA Tour by Shane Ryan.  You probably heard about or read the excellent excerpt from this book.  The excerpt was about Patrick Reed and was released about a month ago.  I am truly looking forward to this book; it sounds like a remake of Feinstein’s A Good Walk Spoiled (with maybe a touch of Jim Bouton’s Ball Four thrown in).  A wait will be required, though, because it’s not coming out until May 26.

A third book which looks interesting is Masters of Men: Rory McIlroy, Ken Venturi and Their Epic Journey from Augusta to Bethesda by Liam Hayes.  Ken Venturi had a similar redemption story to Rory’s, fifty years earlier.  This one will be out in paperback on April 1, but is already available in hardcover or as an eBook.  I think I’ll read this one while waiting for the other two to come out.

L.A. Open:  I’d like to see Jordan Spieth, Sergio Garcia, or Bubba Watson win this thing.  Actually, there are a lot of names I’d like to see contending come Sunday.  Thomas, Matsuyama, among others.  I’d also like to see Jordan crush Fred Couples, who is in his group, and continue his dominance over the Golfdashian clan.

Golf Channel, Nobilo, and Tiger Sham:  Crickets.  Crickets yesterday, crickets today.  Isn’t it odd how the network that obsesses over Woods 24/7/365 won’t even mention a huge, breaking story if it reflects poorly on Woods?  Do you think Golf Channel would find time to mention the story if Patrick Reed were found to have used a souped-up golf ball in winning the WGC Trump last year?

Graham DeLaet:  DeLaet recently tweeted out his five favorite non-major Tour courses.  Top two?  Riviera and Colonial.  You simply have to have a win at one of those two on your resume if you want to be known as an all-time great.  I urge Rory to play those courses in the coming years.

[Addendum: Worth following today at the L.A. Open is Will Zalatoris.  An 18-year-old Texan by way of Wake Forest, he’s set to tee off in ten minutes as I type this late addition (at 11:25 Eastern).  He will begin at hole No. 1, which means in a little over two hours he’ll be playing the live stream hole, No. 10.]

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5 Responses to Countdown to Rory: Only 6 More Waiting Days Left, and a couple of Thursday Thoughts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Need you to elaborate on why it’s so important for a player to win at Riviera and/or Colonial. I ask because a review of the list of winners at these venues has some great names mixed in with a lot of average ones.

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