Davis Love III to be 2016 Ryder Cup Captain

The Ryder Cup just isn’t my cup of tea.  I don’t care who wins.  For one thing: Lanny’s bad, bad, bad, he’s worldwide, doncha know.  And, honestly, with past U.S. teams featuring both Tiger and Phil Golfdashian, I pulled for the Euros.

That said, it is doubtful Woods or Mickelson will be making any more Ryder Cup teams, so the next edition of the Americans just might be cheerable.  And DLIII is not Freddie.  That’s huge.  Couples was a member of the golf-media-approved Golfdashian Clan, so does this selection indicate the golf Powers That Be are finally ready to put the golf train back on the rails?

Mostly I think DLIII is a good pick because I seem to recall he is a spiritual man, and so too are many of the best Yanks.  One word of advice to Davis: Avoid teaming Mr. Reed with Mr. English.

Final comment:  I know a lot of you think the Ryder Cup is a big deal.  So does Dan Jenkins, the golf writer I admire more than any other, so you are in good company.  However, I must point out that Rory McIlroy, David Duval, and Tiger Woods have all three referred to the Ryder Cup as “an exhibition.”  (That was prior to them getting The Memo, of course.)  But, hey, all I am doing is agreeing with something three World Number Ones said in the past.

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3 Responses to Davis Love III to be 2016 Ryder Cup Captain

  1. BigTimeTimmyJim says:

    I’m glad to see DLIII get a second chance. I mean, everyone looks at his 2012 captaincy as a huge failure when all he did was lead the team to a commanding 10-6 lead before the players threw up on themselves on Sunday. Maybe a team without Tiger and Phil will due the trick for Mr. Love.

    I must say, I understand your dislike for Freddy but he is 3-0 as a President’s Cup captain so that wouldn’t exactly have been a bad pick.

  2. Ken says:

    Love can’t be blamed for the 2012 loss. In the team stuff, his team was 10-6. So he’s a good pick.

    I like Couples, but lost a lot of respect for him when he put a completely undeserving Tiger Woods on the PC team solely because he’s Tiger Woods. (Then the media told us that Woods led the US team to victory, even though he has a losing record). Surprised it’s not Couples considering that his window in terms of age is closing; by 2018 he’ll be 57 or 58.

    I think they need to drop this “must be a major champion” requirement. They might as well say, “must own a parrot,” since that would be as relevant to being a good captain. I think Fred Funk would be a great choice. He was popular with fans, well liked on tour. The guy was a college golf coach before turning pro. He knows how to handle disparate personalities and how to put together effective teams.

    • lannyh says:

      I agree. That’s when my opinion of Couples took a turn for the worse. Another trick — which I predicted ahead of time — was the placement of Woods on the final day so the odds were he would “clinch the win,” allowing Golf Channel to forever make a big deal out of that (as if he won final match of the event). If the US needs three to clinch, you would put him in fifth or six group out. If the US needs four, you put him in seventh or eighth. You go with the probability that the matches in front of him will split. Couples just seemed like a total puppet for the Powers That Be.

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