Sunday Brunch

Pebble Beach: Too bad Jordan Spieth and Jason Day are not closer to the top.  As it is, their Sundays are a variation of “moving day.”  This time, they are aiming to finish strong and move up the OWGR list, and the money list and FedEx Cup list.

More annoying to me than the amateurs — which I really don’t mind too much as a once-a-year thing — is the three-course format. If the courses were equivalent in strength, it wouldn’t be a problem. If there were just two courses and a Saturday cut, that wouldn’t bother me much; you could easily remember which course was the easy one, and you’d easily know which course a given player had already played (or was to play the following day). The biggest problem with this three-course format is you don’t know who the hell is in the hunt until Saturday night.  Consider John Daly.

Daly played the easy course the first day and was the talk of the tournament Thursday night. Then he played the difficult courses Friday and Saturday and missed the cut. Had he played a different course in the first round, we would not have kidded ourselves that he was seriously in the hunt.

Rehashed Nothingness:  I just read a 1600-word piece by Emily Kay at SB Nation about the end of Tiger and Phil. Well, at least I think that was the topic; she never really states that, exactly.  She never really said much of anything; she just rehashed things anyone attracted tot he column would already know. I will not provide a link because the piece was just plain awful. I bring it up because it made me wonder: why would a person bother to write a 1600-word piece that says nothing? No new analysis, no new facts, no new opinion. Typical of our times, within the piece, there were four embedded YouTube videos, three embedded tweets, and a couple of still photos. I guess all that was intended as camoflauge to hide the insipidity of the piece. The only positive I could find: she didn’t use any animated GIFs. If a golf reporter feels compelled to write a bullshit Tiger Woods story, they should at least make it a short one. Don’t waste our time with 1600 words of rehashed nothingness.

Enough with the analysis and speculation and spin: Here is all anyone needs to know about Tiger Woods. He has physical problems which have led to extreme frustration with his golf game. He’s playing like crap. Step one is to see if he can regain some semblance of health and competitiveness. What interest is it to speculate when he might play? (He’s not playing Honda or he wouldn’t have released that statement the other day.)  The sooner he plays, the worse he’ll play; no one would challenge that that. Why not just give it all a rest until Woods actually plays and then make comments about how he did?

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