Ladbrokes’ Latest Tiger Woods Odds

Ladbrokes has new proposition bets up for Tiger Woods.  Odds that you would have guessed these odds two years ago?  A million to one.

Odds that Woods will ever win another major: 2-1
Odds that Woods will not win another major: 4-11

That means if you want to bet Woods will not win another major, you have to put up 11 just to win 4.

Odds that Woods never win another PGA Tour event: 1-4

Flip that around and Ladbrokes is getting 4-1 he will win even one more PGA tournament. Consider that Rory has smaller odds he’ll win at Augusta this year, and the same 4-1 odds (PaddyPower) that he’ll win 2 or more majors this year.

You want to bet that Woods will retire this year? 8-1.

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One Response to Ladbrokes’ Latest Tiger Woods Odds

  1. Sports-realist says:

    So they claim that they show Tiger Woods for ratings….Then why in the world would I care to watch a bunch of hack actors and chairman whack it all over the place? Add to that the CONSTANT vacation home videos of the scenery….WE get it…Pebble is nice…got it….Now show golf you morons….And show the pros, as who is really tuning in to watch Andy Garcia?

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