A Tale of Two Charts (“It’s all in his mind” “It’s the yips” Yeah, right)

The chart the Golf Channel is never going to show you.

You’ve probably seen this first chart, which has been making the rounds lately.  I have spotted it in several articles.  It shows Woods’s two tumbles in the Official World Golf Rankings.


But have you seen this one?


News linking Woods to PEDs comes out, and a few months later his body falls apart and his performance falls off a cliff.  Funny how such a suspicious pattern goes unremarked by the golf media…


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8 Responses to A Tale of Two Charts (“It’s all in his mind” “It’s the yips” Yeah, right)

  1. JoseyWales says:

    Many are under the illusion that PEDs wouldn’t help a golfer. They argue a golfer doesn’t need or want muscle. But there are many forms of PEDs other than muscle builders that do help…like beta blockers or “nerve pills”….they work…and they are illegal. Greg Norman admits pro golfers were using them when he played on tour. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/15/sports/golf/heart-medications-may-also-calm-nerves-keeping-them-banned.html?_r=0

    • lannyh says:

      I always like to point out the 97-lb marathoner who got caught using steroids. A lot of people associate them with Arnold Schwarzenegger types, but they are used for many things, including psychological reasons. Jose Canseco wrote, “Steroids didn’t make me a great baseball player. I was already a great player. Steroids simply gave me an edge, physical and psychological, and I loved that about them.”

      Of course the biggest benefit to golfers for steroids is the recovery. You can practice more and harder right before big events and the steroids will keep your body from being worn down. Other players have to balance the amount of practice with wearing themselves down with too much work. That’s where I think Woods got his advantage with steroids and HGH.

      What’s funny is that in 2010, 24 percent of pros said they thought Woods juiced. He’s breaking down like crazy now, and still zero percent of golf media members will say it.

      I think the beta blockers were one of the first things banned. I recall it was a real problem on the Senior Tour because some of the guys were legitimately prescribed those for high blood pressure! They should let them deal with stress the old-fashioned way — alcohol! Trevino got through a U.S. Open qualifier and a six-pack of beer one afternoon.

  2. Sports-realist says:

    In a somewhat related story, which Lanny preditced earlier, IF Vonn and Woods marry, it shows me how DELUSIONAL Woods has become…. Woods thinks a MARRIAGE might solve some of his mental issues(no really)…..I also think some of this is showing Woods is in a midlife crisis(yes seriously)….I also think SOME of this might be IMG trying to make his image look less creepy…..MANY MANY people get to a certain age(esp around 40), point, level in their life, and believe that ALL they need is to be married again, or for the first time, to truly make them happy…….So this isn’t a marriage of LOVE for either, but instead a business and image and $$$ decision……

    Remember Woods role models: his father(adulterer), club pro he spent alot of time with at his golf course(adulterer), Michael Jordan(adulterer)…..If Woods couldn’t be loyal at the PEAK of his game, then NO WAY will he be loyal on the DOWNTURN of his career….

    What is he going to sit there at home and watch the golfchannel? Is he just going to follow Vonn around on the slopes? It’s so predictable what will happen, EVENTUALLY, to this sham of a marriage(if it happens)……

  3. Sports-realist says:

    Also, we can ONLY hope that the golfchannel will give us wire to wire coverage of the wedding, INCLUDING a 10 hour ’roundtable’ discussion, talking about the bridesmaids, the colors, the flowers, and the food’……I’m sure Notah will have access to some of those details….I can’t wait..

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if Woods went to the 2nd Sifford funeral. ( He had 2 services OH on Tuesday and Charlotte today ) Woods has claimed that Sifford was like a Grandfather to him and that he would never have golfed had it not been for Charlie.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are clearly not a golfer.

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