Answer to the Pop Quiz in Prior Post

Rory plays more tournaments then Woods did, so even though Rory does play more European Tour events, he plays the same number of events in the U.S.

That Harig would not realize this shows the sorry state of the American golf media.

Another obvious flaw: If Harig is comparing the number of appearances of Rory to Woods and Mickelson combined, well, that’s rather ridiculous.  Add Bubba or Reed to Rory’s number and you’d get the same or more total appearances as Woods/Mickelson.

As well, Harig bemoans the fact that Rory’s first appearance won’t be until the Honda.  In past years, Rory would have started earlier, at the WGC Match Play (an event in the U.S. Rory routinely played and Mickelson routinely skipped); however, Finchem (et al) decided to move that to May.  Blame Finchem, not Rory, for the Honda being Rory’s first start in the U.S. this year.

One other point:  Golf is a world game, becoming more and more like tennis in that respect.  You can’t assume the big event is always in the U.S.  For example, the week Rory played in Abu Dhabi, that was a stronger tournament than the one on the PGA Tour.

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