Tiger Woods: Just the facts, ma’am

Odds for Rory to Surpass Nicklaus in Majors:  6-1  (William Hill)
Odds for Woods to Surpass Nicklaus in Majors 14-1 (Bovada)

Jack in his 30’s: 8 majors
Woods in his 30’s: 4 majors

Jack in his 30’s: 38 wins, 20 seconds, 12 thirds
Woods in his 30’s: 33 wins, 10 seconds, 3 thirds

Jack in his 30’s: 0 visits from Dr. Galea
Woods in his 30’s: 14 visits from Dr. Galea

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5 Responses to Tiger Woods: Just the facts, ma’am

  1. Sports-realist says:

    Can someone explain to me why Rory wouldn’t be the next Jack Nicklaus, instead of the other guy? After all Jack holds the BIG record,which now the golf channel will start backtracking on….Soon it will be all about WINS instead of Majors…..

    • lannyh says:

      Now’s the perfect time for them to jump on the Rory bandwagon. That they don’t makes me think there’s a financial reason they don’t. Sometimes I think, Oh, they don’t want to alienate Nike, but then it dawns on me that Rory is the Nike man now. I don’t know. Rory plays on the PGA Tour. I just don’t get it. Norman was a huge star here, bigger than any of his American contemporaries, so Rory being from Ireland is not a problem. For them to continue and continue to beat the drum for Woods when they have other options is mind-boggling.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why does anyone have to be “the next Jack”? Bobby Jones was great. Then Hogan and Sneed and Nelson were great. Then Arnie, Jack, Watson, Norman. Then it was Tiger. Now, it appears to be Rory. Rory isn’t “the next Jack”. He’s Rory McIlroy.

      • lannyh says:

        My answer to that is that the media feels the need to focus almost exclusively on personalities. That’s probably always been the case, to a degree, but in the 21st century, it’s completely out of control. Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are far bigger stars in the eyes of the media than many actresses with awards and great talent and many fine movies. Then there’s the need create conflict between these “stars.” If Paris Hilton came out and said Kim Kardashian wore ugly clothes, it would be a “big story” for months, with day to day reporting.

        I personally like to call Rory the next Jack because the American golf media would never do it, but yet Rory is the betting favorite to beat Jack, not Woods.

      • Sports-realist says:

        By the way “Rory is the next Tiger” was taken out of a CBS article I read today….

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