Golf Channel Panel’s Verdict: It’s all in Woods’s head — and he should sit out the year

I watched it.  Tediously boring for the most part.  Predictably, not one mention of Galea or Biogenesis and the, uh, rather odd timing of their legal problems and Woods’s golf struggles.  Look, I don’t expect them to dwell on it, but they could at least mention it.  I know my Woods/PED articles generate the vast amount of Internet search engine traffic I get.  It’s not even close.  It’s something people talk about.  A lot of people.

Brandel Chamblee continues to say Woods needs to go back to the swing he used when he was 24 years old.  This despite the fact that Woods has said he went to Foley (and then Como) in an effort to avoid re-injuring his back.  Brandel just can’t accept that fact.  It’s not something Woods wants to shout from the mountaintop, but he has said it.

The other guys seemed to think it was all in Woods’s head.  He wasn’t confident in his swing.  Once Gary Williams asked about age and injuries, but it went nowhere.  I wish just once, someone would say, “This isn’t rocket science.  He’s never again going to be anything special.  He’s 39 years old, limping, and walking punchline.”

Consider: Ernie Els won a British Open at age 42, but it’s not like he returned to his prime where he averaged five wins a year for four years straight.  Ernie has won once in the following two-and-a-half years.  No one screamed, “He’s back!  He’s back!”  Fact: You play better at age 25 than 40.  And that’s true even if you have avoided injury.

Surprisingly, the panel seemed to be unanimous in thinking Woods should sit out this year.  One guy said that if Woods sat out this year, he’d become a “young 40” rather than an “old 39.”  Not sure how he figured that, but it’s what he said.

Someone — I forget who — made a great point about Woods’s contractual obligations to his sponsors.  He has minimums for things like tournaments entered, weekend appearances, wins, top tens,  what-have-you.  So saying “See ya next year” is not all that simple.

Being suspicious of the unexpected on Golf Channel, I have to wonder if they heard from back channels that Woods is going to sit out the year, so they want to soften the blow by selling the public on the idea that sitting out a year would be the best thing he could do.

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One Response to Golf Channel Panel’s Verdict: It’s all in Woods’s head — and he should sit out the year

  1. Sports-realist says:

    The fact they don’t bring up the TWO most likely issues:
    1…..PED breakdwon
    2…..Age….Not that he’s old, but from a professional standpoint, he’s old…..
    Tells me there is a ‘rigged’ view that is being forced by the golfchannel/nike/NBC/CBS…Ofcourse, as I’ve said in the past, MOST of the golf channel folks are ‘nobodies’, who are happy to have a paycheck….

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