Another Very Good Reason to Pull For J.B. Holmes

From the Orange County Register:

As a player, do I feel like the media talks about it a little too much?” Holmes asked, referring to Woods and Phil Mickelson. “Yeah. I mean, everybody goes through lulls and everybody doesn’t play good all the time, we just don’t have a camera around all the time. So when a guy is down and not playing too good and for everybody to really to just critique everything, it kind of gets in the way, because there’s some people that are playing well.

He added it was “pretty annoying” to see interest usurped from more deserving golfers.

“I would like to see the TV and the media maybe pay a little more attention to people that are playing well,” Holmes said.

That is a common refrain among golf fans and analysts, and very likely among players too, although not very much publicly.

One question, though.  What analysts are making that complaint other than me?  (Oh, wait, he must have meant me!)

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One Response to Another Very Good Reason to Pull For J.B. Holmes

  1. Anonymous says:

    JB is playing #12. Tee shot went 40 yards right which actually worked out okay. Just had to navigate a couple of pines. He swings, starts walking, camera changed from behind him to the green, 5 seconds later the ball lands. Hilarious!

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