Boomer and Carton Discuss Tiger Woods and PEDs

First off, thanks go to a reader for tipping me off to this.  These two guys are sports generalists, not golf-only announcers, so they are perhaps not as frightened as the golf media is to discuss this matter.  Interestingly, they work for CBS, which I found encouraging; maybe CBS Golf will develop a tougher stance.  Anyway, most of the discussion is made up of a lot of mindless Yay Tiger platitudes which are either untrue or overblown but have been repeated so often they pass for fact among the unenlightened.  While that stuff annoyed me, this exchange more than made up for it:

Carton:  The connection now between him [Woods] and Galea — that quack from Canada who was bloodspinning and HGH’ing a lot of guys — is now going to become a very, very big story.  Because guys in their mid- to late-30s don’t break down physically the way he’s breaking down.

Boomer: Usually, where there’s a little bit of smoke, there’s fire, right?

You can watch the entire segment here.  Again, great thanks for the tip.

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8 Responses to Boomer and Carton Discuss Tiger Woods and PEDs

  1. Anonymous says:

    The PED talk has exploded. Even fans are saying that’s the only possible reason his body and mind are breaking down so quickly and completely. Tiger sycophants are jumping ship left and right, and many are calling for his retirement. Tiger Woods is a joke, a freak show who has lost the plot. Even though the golf channel is covering him religiously, they aren’t sympathetic. I’m waiting for the mainstream golf media to pick up the PED story. They must know the public is ready to hear the truth about Tiger.

    • lannyh says:

      That’s good to hear. I’ve been slightly out of the loop today so did not know how his withdrawal yesterday was being taken. I hope we finally get the truth.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bob Harig said the mainstream golf media hasn’t mentioned the PED story because Tiger never a failed drug test. That is a weak argument because not all athletes who confessed to using PEDs failed a drug test. 60+ visits from convicted PED doctors isn’t enough evidence to mention it as a possibility? Come on, Harig. He and Feherty are the last 2 people on Earth blindly supporting Tiger. Even Begay is losing patience.

      • lannyh says:

        The thing about Woods and Galea that settled it for me was when we found out Woods was saying “four or more” when it was fourteen. He knew how many Haney knew about and was using that number. Of course, there is the Biogenesis stuff, too. Even Haney now says, “Who knows?”

        I kind of noticed that about Begay, too. He is probably starting to think Woods has been lying to him about his back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want to know when the PED use started and if/when it stopped. So far the evidence points to it starting in 2008. The vast majority of TW’s wins came pre-2008 indicating the vast majority of his wins are legit.

    • Sports-realist says:

      If you compare Woods body in 1996 to 1999, I think you will see if wasn’t just the gym….Although, that’s what they kept hyping===THEY GYM, THE, GYM, HE LOVES THE GYM, remember? Similar to Arod, he starting taking them shortly after he got his huge contract from Nike…

  3. muscleback says:

    I have a good client…hugely successful running his own business…travels the world…has all the money in the world…his two passions are golf and cycling. He would rave to me about Lance Armstrong…what a role model he was…greatest cyclist in history…and he’s clean…he doesn’t cheat…cancer survivor…a hero…great guy. My client worshipped Lance Armstrong and as part of his own business would preach to his clients to strive to be like Lance…work hard like Lance…be true like Lance…and win like Lance. When Lance Armstrong finally got caught cheating, it devastated my friend…he couldn’t believe it. His whole world was shattered.
    Cheating in big money sports is rampant…the money is huge…the competition fierce. Like Lance Armstrong loves to say, “everybody’s cheating”. The art and science of performance enhancing drugs is so far advanced beyond the testing it’s a joke. For every drug test there are multiple drugs that beat the test…don’t show up. You can beat the system if you have enough money, the right “doctors” and you are devious enough. The everyday public wants to believe what the celebrity/athlete PR machine is feeding them…they are oblivious to what goes on behind the scenes of their sports heroes…they are blind, gullible sheep.
    Tiger Woods is a classic example of an elite athlete who cheated and is now paying for it. Like a race horse that has been shot up his entire career, he is breaking down on the track and is unable to race. The pain is spreading throughout his entire body. It is overwhelming. The race is over. Time to be put out to pasture.

    • lannyh says:

      The funny thing about Armstrong was that David Walsh was onto him pretty much the entire time. Armstrong sued Walsh and the Sunday Times for telling the truth — and Armstrong won! He had to return the money last year.

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