What They Are Saying (about Woods’s demise)

Steve Elling asks: “The End?

Sports Illustrated Golf+: “Is this the end?  Tiger and Phil have been dreadful.”

From Madison.com: “Rory McIlroy got grief last year for saying that Woods was on the back nine of his career. Now you might as well try to guess which hole he is on.”

(Also from Madison.com, a quote from Pat Perez: “I don’t watch the Golf Channel.”)

New York Times: “His [Woods’s] compulsive chipping called to mind someone hoping that with enough swings of a fly swatter he could silence the buzzing around his head.”

Lanny H Golf: “Woods’s recent manifestation of the yips reminds me of the effect PEDs can have on a player’s confidence.”  He then quotes Jose Canseco about “the psychological edge” steroids gave him.

Steve DiMeglio: “Fear, it seems, has turned Woods, 39, into an ordinary player.”

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2 Responses to What They Are Saying (about Woods’s demise)

  1. nolanwiffle says:

    This is unhealthy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like he’s at the 19 th hole.

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