Lanny H Nailed It! (shows why this is the only golf website that matters)

Woods is playing with pain today.  [He would eventually withdraw mid-round.]  Grimacing and walking in a stilted manner.  This shows I was right with my analysis in Section B of this article.  While other golf “experts” were yapping about the yips, ole Lanny H told you what it was: age and injury.

Here’s an excerpt from my “Sorry, Folks, Tiger Woods Is Not Peter Pan”:

However, no one has speculated that Woods changed to this new upright stance because it is the only way he can swing without feeling pain or re-injuring himself, even though it seems a rather obvious theory to me.

Did anyone else notice the Golf Channel live shot of Woods’s empty parking space?  For Golf Channel, that’s become a tradition like no other.

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20 Responses to Lanny H Nailed It! (shows why this is the only golf website that matters)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget technique.

    • lannyh says:

      Yup. Brandel went on and on about that. These guys keep saying he needs to use some swing which is impossible for him to use. You gotta admit I nailed this one when every other golf journalist was afraid to broach the topic.

      The fact that Woods didn’t freak out when he first hurt himself and is continuing to play tells me this is not the first time he’s hurt it post PGA Championship. He probably has injured himself a number of times in practicing. That’s gotta be why he brought in the new guy and went to the upright stance.

      • Sports-realist says:

        Back injury is something where EVERY swing can be an adventure, and eventually, your brain focuses on the back, instead of everything else…..Back pain sucks…

      • Anonymous says:

        You got it partially right. He changed his swing for reasons associated with physical limitations and injuries but the other part of it is he refuses to modify parts of his technique (speed and tempo) which continues to have a huge negative impact.

      • lannyh says:

        That could be why he re-injured himself today. He didn’t adhere to the new preventative swing. Either the new swing didn’t offer any more protection, or else he didn’t adhere to the new swing.

        No one else was talking about the injury (and age) aspect except for me. Not one person linked the upright swing to (suspected) lingering injury relapses or concerns.

      • Anonymous says:

        The media has their spin but in my mind, changing the swing due to injury was not the problem/major issue. No matter the swing, he’s trying to swing like he’s 22. Problem is he is 39. The change could be working, without injury, if he was working in speed and tempo changes.

        That said, and as I’ve been saying, his short game technique is a huge-er problem and the technical flaws, like in his full swing, are glaring.

  2. Sports-realist says:

    I’m not watching the coverage though, as I’m sure it’s now 24 hour, butt shots, and OVER analysis of his every swing…..Followed by interviews of the Pope and some guy in Morocco telling us about his back….am i warm?

  3. JoseyWales says:

    Good call Lanny…too many broken parts…WD.

    • lannyh says:

      Thanks. What’s weird to me is that my theory seemed obvious. Obvious enough for the golf media to at least discuss it, even if they disagreed. But they never once mentioned it. Not once did I hear anyone say this new swing was undertaken as injury preventative. Not one golf reporter wondered that?

      • Sports-realist says:

        I think most golf reporters belong to cults….I’m sure there is research to back that up somewhere…

  4. Sports-realist says:

    Ok, let the OVER analysis begin…..I predicted on here, that if Eldrick started going south, he would withdraw…..As long as you can use injury as an excuse, why wouldn’t you with drawal on the PGA tour, instead of finishing 73rd and 56th? Again the PGA should have some kind of penalty for CONSTANT withdraws……

    • lannyh says:

      I don’t think you gain anything by withdrawing. I’m not expert on the matter, though.

      He’s got one 2015 MC already on the OWGR, so we’ll watch to see if he has 2 next week.

      • Sports-realist says:

        What you gain is not wasting time on an event you aren’t going to win…..The perfect example was last year, when he withdrew the week before a MAJOR, then played in the MAJOR just a few days later….It’s Woods motivation at this point…He doesn’t care about these events…

  5. Sports-realist says:

    So lanny i’m assuming this counts as a missed cut? and if so this affects his owgr, which affects the wgc events….

    • lannyh says:

      He’ll lose the normal amount of weekly “melt.” He won’t get any points, but he won’t be penalized for playing either because he is below (far) the minimum divisor. What will drop him the most is if guys close behind him on the OWGR list, playing in both Malaysia and San Diego, garner a few points. He’s outside the WGC Cadillac already, and he might get pushed out of the Match Play, too (though that one is not until May). He’s scheduled to play the Honda in three weeks, but he’s got fitness issues (would you bet on him making the cut at the Honda?) that make those WGC tourneys seem pretty unimportant.

  6. Sports-realist says:

    correction…won’t be a missed cut, but does a withdrawal affect owgr points?

    • lannyh says:

      Are you sure it won’t be a missed cut? I always forget. We’ll know come Monday because he’ll either have the one he has now, or two if this one is counted. (OWGR has a chart of them.)

      • Sports-realist says:

        I just re read an article, that I pointed out to you last year, about how an unnamed pga guy stated that withdrawals were becoming an EPIDEMIC on the PGA tour…..As all the person has to do is EVENTUALLY give an excuse…There is no penalty……Ofcourse it didn’t answer the question about whether it counted as a missed cut or not by withdrawing early…I always assumed it only counted after 2 full rounds…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Woods , today, became the biggest joke in golfs rich history. He withdrew because his arse wasn’t firing.

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