Tiger Woods vs Spieth (when paired); Thursday San Diego Woods Matchup Odds

Spieth is 6-0-1 when playing with Woods.  (Thanks to a reader for remembering the round at the British Open.)

Spieth 71, Woods 72     (2014 San Diego Open 1st rd)
Spieth 63,  Woods 71    (2014 San Diego Open 2nd rd)
Spieth  74,  Woods 74   (2014 Quicken Loans 1st rd)
Spieth 70, Woods 75     (2014 Quicken Loans 2nd rd)
Spieth 67, Woods 73     (2014 Brit Open 3rd rd)
Spieth 70, Woods 73     (2015 Phoenix Open 1st rd)
Spieth 68, Woods 82     (2015 Phoenix Open 2nd rd)

The golf media sometimes says, “These young golfers aren’t intimidated by Woods.”  They might needs to switch that to, “Woods is intimidated by these young golfers.”


Look at some of these head-to-head matchups for Tiger Woods at this week’s San Diego Open:

Woodland -225, Woods +170 (Bovada)
Rickie 5-4, Horshel 7-4, Woods 12-5 (3-way, William Hill)
Keegan Bradley 4-9, Tiger Woods 15-8 (Matchbook)

In case betting is not your thing, Woods is the underdog in all of those.  Last year, Woods was 12-1/2 to 5 to win the tournament.  This year he is 12 to 5 just to win his group.

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6 Responses to Tiger Woods vs Spieth (when paired); Thursday San Diego Woods Matchup Odds

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s easy to see why you’d make the “maybe TW is the one intimidated” comment, but I would think he’s too messed up in the head to even realize what the other players around him are doing..

    • lannyh says:

      Fair enough, but my dig is really at the golf media for making WAY too much out of any “intimidation factor.” How many times did we hear about Ames? They loved to dish it out, now it’s their turn to take it. I guess I’m saying with Woods winning, the opponents he outplayed were “intimidated” instead of “just not being as good.” With Woods losing, it’s not intimidation, but rather “he’s not playing well.” His past foes never got that courtesy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I’ve seen enough of your writing to see your intent. My comment was just a response based on what popped in my head.

  2. Sports-realist says:

    Yeah your totally right about the same old ‘intimidated’ line, but they won’t use it the other way around, or certainly won’t go there…..If they were to go there, they’d be doing something they’ve NEVER done…..I often wonder how the announcers treated Jack Nicklaus shortly after 1986, esp since he never won on the PGA tour again…….I guess they probably never abandoned him, and instead when he did something good, aka, a few birdies in a row or a great shot, they were quick to say “Well there’s good ole Jack”….

    • Sports-realist says:

      that 6-0-1 record by Spieth vs Woods is something that gets very little attn in the media….not surprised at all….

    • lannyh says:

      My recollection is that once Jack stopped being the dominant player, you heard this: “Faldo and Azinger lead, and Norman is only two shots back. And look who’s on the first page of the leaderboard — Jack Nicklaus!” And certainly he didn’t get 95 percent of the tournament leadup, nor was the matter of whether he made the cut or not considered an issue of world importance.

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