Zinger From Zinger: From Hello World to Hello 39-Year-Old Body

Paul Azinger, in an appearance on ESPN television said Tiger Woods has gone from “Hello, world” to “Hello, 39-year-old body.”

Azinger, sporting a beard and a hangdog expression, found no silver lining in Woods’s performance at the Phoenix Open.  He bemoaned the fact that Woods would chat with Patrick Reed walking down the fairway, saying it went against Woods’s past strategy of trying to intimidate playing partners.  Based on his comments in this interview, Azinger clearly feels Woods has lost his competitive drive.

Azinger also spoke of how the back surgery was no minor development, and that it was a career-threatening situation.

Is the media finally capitulating?  Can we expect more balanced golf coverage going forward?  I mean, even Paris Hilton has faded away for the most part.

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8 Responses to Zinger From Zinger: From Hello World to Hello 39-Year-Old Body

  1. Anonymous says:

    At this rate, I’d say we have another year of TW dominated coverage. If there isn’t significant improvement we’ll see a big change next year.

    • lannyh says:

      Could be, but I just watched some of Golf Channel’s pregame show and they talked about “changing of the guard” and spent lots of time on some of the young players near the top. I think they see the writing on the wall. They built it up as the Phil and Tiger Show and both missing cut handily seems to have taken the wind out of their sails. Also, one of the grandstand “leaders” (for sixteen years) on No. 16 gave his top highlights and Woods wasn’t in them.

      Wishful thinking, probably, but I hope this was Waterloo for the Only Tiger Matters golf media.

    • Sports-realist says:

      Just wait a few days…Suposedly both Phil and Eldrick are playing again next week….In a few days, for the build up, the golf channel will have amnesia, and will be analyzing again like it’s 1999….get it, I did a thing there..

    • Sports-realist says:

      In all seriousness, this is the 4th time, since 2009, that we’ve had to endure the ‘COMEBACK’ mantra by the networks/analysts….marriage, knee, back, and probably more back issues…..The media sounds the same to me…..Just think, if there is a decent first round, next week, the media will be doing their usual ‘over coverage’ and exaggerations of what just happened..

  2. sretsam68 says:

    Azinger is a Tiger whore. If Tiger is so gifted, why doesn’t he know his swing better? It’s obvious on a larger array of issues, Tiger can’t think for himself.

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