Lanny H’s Joke of the Day

Used to be when someone said, “No one could have hit that shot but Tiger,” it was meant as a compliment.

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One Response to Lanny H’s Joke of the Day

  1. sretsam68 says:

    What is interesting is in the 1971 U.S. Open playoff, Nicklaus hit three bad wedge shots (two from bunkers and one pitch) and still shot +1 (71) under difficult conditions to lose to Trevino. Since then he was forever branded a bad wedge player. Agreed, his wedge play wasn’t up to the standard of other facets of his game, but was it really “bad”? Check out video, for example of his play in the 1977 Open Championship for one. However, Woods has had six rounds lately of horrendous pitching. He has also played several bad wedge shots in critical moments even before the hydrant issue. When will the media brand him a bad wedge player? Never, of course.

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