2 + 2 = 4, Even For Tiger Woods

The room is full of elephants the Tiger-cheering golf media won’t address

How can golf writers and television reporters prattle on about Tiger Woods 24/7 and never address obvious questions?  Take his recent “swing change,” something we are all presumed to care intimately about.

Elephant #1:  He’s upright, like when he was young.  And Woods is engineering this swing on his own.  To me, it is obvious what is going on.  Woods is trying to find a swing that: (1) is not painful; (2) won’t cause further injury; (3) still allows him to make cuts at PGA events.  You may disagree, but my line of thinking is eminently logical.  And, yet, none of the golf reporters discuss this.

Elephant #2:  His weight loss.  It’s so obvious even I noticed.  Why no discussion of this weight loss in connection with the stringent Olympic Committee drug testing that will occur in the lead-up to the games next summer?  Instead we are told, he played soccer with his kids, or he had the flu.  You want to know something other than weight you lose when you stop steroid use?  Your confidence.  Doesn’t Woods look like a guy whose confidence could use a visit from Dr. Galea?

#Elephant #3:  His age.  As I typed this piece, I heard Charlie Rymer in the background explaining that Lindsey Vonn was the reason Woods was going to be great again.  That’s clownish.  And we’ve heard the same thing about each and every swing doctor or putting tip or weight gain/loss.  Look, if the problem with aging athletes were merely “the right woman” or poor technique or something a tip from a fellow competitor could fix, well, the Triplets would still be winning Super Bowls with Dallas.  If age didn’t matter, Bruce Jenner would be winning the decathlon instead of turning himself into a woman.

Anyway, there are many other elephants in the room, Dr. Galea and Biogenesis being two of the biggest.  You can hardly move for all the elephants.  It’s time for the golf media to admit to them — and stop trying to deceive the public.


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2 Responses to 2 + 2 = 4, Even For Tiger Woods

  1. Sports-realist says:

    Oh my gosh, the usual 20 minutes of the golf channel doing their “WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSE” speeches(the intensity by the analysts is absolutely hilarious)….Oh and don’t forget the post game interview, followed by MORE of WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSE by the house wife analysts……Ofcourse the important thing is that they asked NOTAH about it… Then they asked some other guy who sounded like he was going to cry….? LOL……Then the ENDLESS ‘LETS GO BACK TO HIS SWING FROM 1997, 98, 99…..Do they realize 1997 isn’t coming back?

  2. Sports-realist says:

    Did I say 15 or 20 minutes?????? Now they’ve turned the last two rounds into a made for tv movie……

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