Tuesday Thoughts

Golf Channel only mentioned Rory McIlroy once in two hours on Monday, that being a 5-second aside, ten minutes into hour two.  The American golf media is totally ignoring No. 1 versus No. 2 at Dubai in order to focus on No. 17 versus No. 47 at Phoenix.  I get that Phoenix is in the U.S., still, that’s like focusing on the Barbasol Championship and ignoring the British Open.

Tiger Woods has a press conference today (Golf Channel just said 12:30pm Eastern).  Will be interesting to see if anyone asks about the rumored Valentine’s Day wedding.  If it were any other golfer, they would.  That they might not ask the question is ridiculous.  Why should the golf media continue to genuflect before Woods at this point?  The reason he’s even in Phoenix is because Dubai refused to pay him a big appearance fee.  It’s no longer 2001.

I just have zero interest in this Allenby stuff, but if you are interested, his press conference is today at 1:45 pm Eastern.  I find it instructive that Allenby has been shown and discussed more on Golf Channel in the past week than he has in all the years combined up until now.  Can you think of a single signature shot from Allenby’s career?  Me neither.

Sign o’ the Times:  Both Bubba Watson and Jimmy Walker have shorter odds than Tiger Woods to win the PGA Tour money title.  Woods and Jordan Spieth are fetching the same odds.  At Phoenix, Woods is an even-money head-to-head bet versus Bill Haas.  Bubba Watson and Jordan Spieth are the co-favorites.  It’s 2-1 that Woods will even finish in the top ten.

I would love to win in Dubai, it would be nice to go to the States with a win. I came close in Abu Dhabi. I really would be happy with another good performance.”  That’s Rory.  Rory is the best player since Nicklaus and he’s polite.  Imagine that.  No BS about “Winning is the only acceptable outcome.”  No, Rory is polite and honest, and his ego and sense of well-being is not dependent upon his latest golf tournament.  One of my favorite memories in sports is of Rory, during the time between the 2011 Masters and 2011 U.S. Open.  Went to Haiti as am ambassador for Ireland’s aid efforts, then came back and redeemed himself at Congressional after the meltdown at Augusta.  Oh, did you know Rory took time off from his Congressional preparation to go play a round at Pine Valley?  Pretty cool, that.

In Rory‘s last six European Tour events, he has three wins and three seconds.

Don’t forget to read our erstwhile NBC target Ryan Ballengee at Devil Ball Golf/Yahoo.  Here’s a nice little piece on his top five golfers in the world.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Tear Wrist says:

    Rory is the best player since Nicklaus?
    You’re fucking bat crazy, dude.

    • lannyh says:

      You can make a case for Greg Norman if you are talking about the greatest NATURAL player, but I don’t think Greg racked up the record to be considered a peer of Rory and Jack.

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