BAM!! Berger!!

A no-nonsense golf journalist?  I thought they were extinct.

I’ve been praising Michael Bamberger for a long time (here, and here, and here, and here), but today he just slammed a softball question down the throat of the questioner.  Last year, I ranked Bamberger No. 4 in the Official World Golf Journalism Rankings, but based on one of his responses in this week’s Tour Confidential, he has worked his way up to No. 2, trailing only the legendary and gutsy Steve Elling (whose left-right-left flurry a couple of summers ago saw him banished to Siberia).

Let’s get to it:

Q: Tiger Woods returns to action this week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, in his first full-field event since the PGA Championship. What are your expectations for Tiger this week? And if he makes the cut, describe what the scene will be like when Tiger reaches the 16th tee on Saturday?

Bamberger: With all due respect to the person who posed this fine question, I could not care less what the scene is like when Tiger Woods arrives on the 16th hole of the Saturday round of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Ouch!  Finally, a golf writer bluntly says what golf fans are saying (even more bluntly).  Good on Bamberger.

Funny thing is, I’d already singled out a couple of his responses for mention before I got to that grand slam home run.  (He pointed out that “birdie” and “par” are arbitrary terms, and he mentioned Woods in Chicago in September 2013, which is when Woods claimed his ball merely “oscillated.”  I think; the provided link didn’t actually work…)

Three cheers for Bamberger!  Hip, hip, hooray!  (x3)

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5 Responses to BAM!! Berger!!

  1. a golfer says:

    lanny you should be number 1. you can read 10 golf writers and they all say the same thing. you have your own ideas.

  2. joseywales says:

    you should take a closer look at Shackelford…he is not who you think he is…

    • lannyh says:

      Sounds like you have a beef against Geoff. I think he’s pretty great, myself. Right now, my annoyance is CBS, where I took the time to write a solid post quoting a link Porter provided, and contested the point in the NY Times piece by one at Golf Digest. CBS didn’t post it. No idea what the problem is.

  3. Ken says:

    What’s Bamberget’s address? I want to send a gift. What a perfect answer.

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