Tiger Woods, Freak Show (Sports on Earth)

Sports on Earth delivers a piece that is unafraid to address what Tiger Woods has turned into:

Remember: Woods spoke at President Obama’s inaugural festivities and was greeted, and treated, as if the Lord himself had stepped down to give his official endorsement of grandeur to the otherwise minor spectacle of the first African-American president being sworn into office.

That was January 18, 2009. Ten months later, everything would fall apart. And now he’s showing up at ski events out of nowhere with no front tooth.


It reminded me of being in Sochi last winter, when the one thing everyone could agree on was how relieved they were that Vonn wouldn’t be competing because of a knee injury. All felt bad for Vonn … but more than that, they just didn’t want the Woods sh-t show to take over the Games.

Of course, the golf media is a 24/7 Tiger Woods shit show, so golf fans fully understand how the people at Sochi felt.


The point is now Tiger Woods has entered what Bill Simmons used to call the “Tyson Zone.” Tiger Woods is now more a freak show than an athlete, or even a celebrity.

Nice to see a sports journalist (Will Leitch) with the self-respect to write the truth about Woods.

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2 Responses to Tiger Woods, Freak Show (Sports on Earth)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone I know feels the same way. How come Golf Channel acts like everyone is still a fan of Tiger?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wood’s tooth is coming back to bite him 🙂

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