This is a pretty good event, though it lacks the strength of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  One player I’m watching closely is 22-year-old Emiliano Grillo of Argentina.  I remember him from last year when he finished 2nd at the Dubai Desert Classic.  He’s quietly worked his way up to OWGR #131.  His long flowing blonde locks remind me a little bit of a young Johnny Miller.  He finished T-37 last week at Abu Dhabi.  He only finished 74th at Qatar last year, but this year he’s put himself among the leaders after round one.  If he’s playing well, no reason not to expect him to contend again next week at Dubai.  Late last year he won an event in South America.  He looks like he could have some staying power.  I always like to watch guys like this to see if they work their way into WGC fields.

I’m also watching Matthew Fitzpatrick, the 20-year-old from England.  He’s only one shot back of Grillo.  It’s fun to watch these young players gain strength in Europe, so you’ve seen them play dozens of times before they arrive in America for the WGC Match Play as “unknowns.”

Uihlein and Lipsky look to be the only Americans in the field at Qatar.

Golf Channel is providing great, extensive coverage.  They do three hours live (starts at 1:30 am EST tonight/tomorrow morning), then take off 1-1/2 hours, then return for another 2-1/2 hours of live coverage (starting at 6:00 am EST).

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8 Responses to Qatar

  1. joseywales says:

    new reader…enjoy your blog

  2. joseywales says:

    what is your opinion of Geoff Shackelford?

    • lannyh says:

      I’m a huge fan of Shackelford. He’s about the only golf writer willing to challenge the corporate interests, and he manages to do this even though he works with some of them. I highly recommend his book, “The Future of Golf,” if you can get your hands on a copy.

  3. joseywales says:

    I have a friend who lives in the Tucson area…he was a supporter of Shackelford since the beginning of his site when he was unknown. My friend volunteers for the Pima County Library system. He disagreed with Shackelford on a point and not only did his post get deleted, his ISP address was permanently banned from posting. Trouble is, all 27 Pima Libraries use the same ISP address, so none of the million or so folks who use the Tucson library system can access the Shackelford website. I have found Mr. Shackelford to be overly paranoid and way too quick with the delete button.

  4. lannyh says:

    I have to think there was more to it than “disagreed on a point.” It’s unfortunate that the whole library system had to be banned, but on the other hand, there are a lot of Internet creeps who seek only to disrupt. I once had a guy who every day left two or three comments calling me Lanny Fag or Lanny the Fool or whatnot. What do such people expect the reaction will be?

    I don’t want dumb readers here. You allow stuff like that and your average reader IQ is going to quickly drop. Commenters like that run off smart people and attract dumb people. They need to post at places like Golf Channel where they like dumb people who post the same crap day after day after day. They want the clicks to sell ads. The more asinine flame wars they have, the more they like it.

    If you don’t like your comments being deleted, start your own blog. That was the genesis of this place. I also found if you wrote a great, well-thought-out post that disagreed with the narrative a particular site was pushing, they might not delete it, but they would take the article off the front page so no one would see it.

    I’ve written in the past that Shackelford had the smartest golf readers on the Internet. Maybe keeping the troublemakers away is why he’s attracted the cream of the crop.

    I guess mainly, when it comes to the Internet, you just have to find a place that “fits.” Anyone can write anything they want here as long as it is not (1) vulgar, (2) stupid, or (3) boringly repetitive.

    If you can’t post at Shackelford’s site, you might try CBS. It’s very Yay Tiger, but they pretty much let every comment (within reason) stand. One thing Shackelford and CBS have going for them is they are relatively “streamlined” websites. There is so much junk on Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and Golf that I can’t even read them for all the “motion” and photos/graphics.

  5. joseywales says:

    I guess you misunderstood…my friend was banned…I can post anytime I want…tnx

    • lannyh says:

      I was using the universal “you” in most of that reply of mine. I mentioned CBS because you sounded like you had no interest in posting at Shackelford.

      If you or your friend or anybody has anything to say that isn’t being said anywhere else, or not being said properly, you can certainly post it here (if it’s not vulgar or inane). If it’s interesting enough, I might even ask if I can print it as a front page article. I did that for a good reader comment one time (after getting permission), and it became one of my most popular articles ever.

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