Abu Dhabi — Round 4

6:50 am

Rory, incredibly, is only one shot back of leader Stal, with three holes to play.  It’s been painful to watch Kaymer.  I’d like to see Rory win, sure, but I gotta pull for Kaymer.  Stal would make a good winner, too.  One helluva tournament finish, albeit excessively bloody for Kaymer.

6:00 am

Kaymer with three early birides, then gives them back.  Three shot lead now over Stal.  Make that two now, as Stal birdies again.  Kaymer was up by nine shots earlier in the day.  Incredible.  Gotta kind of pull for Kaymer now not to blow such a big lead.  This 22-year-old Frenchman, Stal, is putting the heat on Kaymer with four birdies in a row.

Rory finally got a run of birdies going, on holes 8-10.  Probably too late, even with Martin’s struggles.  Rory sits five back with six holes to play.

The American announcer tells us Rory is only five back even though he “hasn’t done anything special this week.”  No?  A hole-in-one isn’t special?  Advice for American golf announcers: Engage brain before opening mouth.

Schwartzel’s caddie/wife:


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