All the Lanny Bashers are Going to Shit a Brick — I broke biggest golf story of the year in 2014

I was browsing Geoff Shackelford’s website just now and came across a piece about’s most read stories of the year.  What was the top story?  “Report: Woods paid Galea $76K for 14 visits”

As regular readers know, I’m the one who broke that story, or perhaps more accurately, pointed it out to the world.  I read the book Bloodsport the day it was released and immediately saw the discrepancy between what Hank Haney (and Woods and Galea) told us about the number of visits Galea made to Woods’s residence and what the book reported.  I contacted Hank Haney, and, within a couple of hours, Golf Digest (which employs Haney) printed an article on the matter with a comment from Haney.  Golf Channel followed up on that.

I broke the biggest golf story of the year, all from this joke of a website.  The government damn well better increase my grant money for 2015.  I’m the best golf reporter in the world, dammit, and I shouldn’t have to live in my parent’s basement.

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12 Responses to All the Lanny Bashers are Going to Shit a Brick — I broke biggest golf story of the year in 2014

  1. Anonymous says:

    maybe you can live in Tiger Woods basement.

  2. EyesOpen says:

    Lanny you are so stupid, for one thing your constant Tiger hate is hurting golf, a sport you claim to love. Why don’t you try to give golf a good image instead of bad and most people have only heard of Tiger Woods whether you like that or not. Golf was nothing before Tiger and spare me your hate because you can’t stand the truth. If you like golf, if anything you would lie to help Tiger, but you lie to hurt him. I am just saying that is how dum you are. You dream of writing with the big boys, but they write good things about Tiger not bad, so you are failing big time.

    • Sports-realist says:

      eyesopen, your understanding about the history of golf is so off, you are probably 17 years old and are wearing eldrick underwear……

  3. Scratch1957 says:

    Golf was EVERYTHING before Tiger! Have you never heard of, for examples, Hagen, Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Nelson, Snead, Hogan, Player, Palmer, and Nicklaus?? You cannot criticize Lanny H because you don’t know ANYTHING about golf history. Lanny H has shown, in my opinion, that Tiger is biggest scum-bag who ever played the PGA Tour. He’s been using banned PEDs for very many years, but Tim Finchen won’t “out him” because they think, among other things that he’s a “needle-mover.” Lanny H has shown that he’s not.The people who think Tiger is great simply do NOT have a clue, and Lanny H does! Give it a rest. You don’t know what you’re talking about! Lanny H does! Btw, Lanny H has NOT lied about anything!

    • Anonymous says:

      Unless I’m missing something, the only suggested PED use is tied to 2008-2009. How do you get “very many years” out of a two year period?

      • Sports-realist says:

        Remember when One women came forward, then two, then 10, then ect……You have to compare this to Alex Rodriquez and his steroid use to ‘live up to the hype’ after his $200 plus contract….Again this is no different, as Woods/Arod were dealing with some of the SAME people, agents, clients, groups ect……

      • Anonymous says:

        Until new details come out I prefer to compare this to Andy Pettitte.

  4. Scratch 1957 says:

    We talked about Tiger’s injuries a long time ago. Now I am talking YEARS ago — long before the girlfriend scandals emerged or anything of the kind, when Tiger was just tearing things up on tour. Living in Vegas I have the opportunity to know a lot of PGA golfers very well, and at the time they were all quietly talking about how Tiger was enjoying a “pharmaceutical edge.”
    Now, it’s pretty much common knowledge that he was using, and that his body is now breaking down as a result, right before our eyes. As for new revelations? Same old stuff. I think we are all in on the joke now.
    From a former TW fan:

    In case the tone of this comment is confusing, I’d just like to clarify that it is copy and pasted from a message I posted on a Tiger Woods forum. Thanks:
    I’d like to prelude the main agenda of this post by stating that I have been an enormous Tiger Woods fan for just about thirteen years now. His brilliance first came to my attention when he massacred the field in the 2000 US Open at Pebble Beach by an eye-watering fifteen strokes, and my devotion has never wavered, even with some of the unpleasant happenings off the golf course which have transpired since that fateful night in November 2009.
    It is precisely because he has meant so much to me throughout my childhood, and now into my twenties, that this has been so hard to admit. However, the time for denial is over, and my true feelings must come to the fore. OK, here it goes… unfortunately, and I really do mean unfortunately, I believe that Tiger was using performance enhancing drugs for at least a few years during his storied career. If I had to guess, going by the remarkable transformation in his physique, I would say he began taking shortcuts at some point between late 2002 (around the time of the surgery that forced him out of competition for a couple of months) and 2005, carrying on either until 2008 (when the PGA Tour’s doping policy came into play) or late 2009 (when Dr Anthony Galea was found out to be a supplier of PEDs).
    There are just way, way too many coincidences for this not to be the case. Please allow me to state my case:
    1. The most obvious piece of evidence comes from sheer, hard facts. Tiger Woods hired a Canadian doctor who was a known distributor of PEDs such as HGH to carry out plasma rich therapy at his Florida home. WHY on earth would you do that when there is an abundance of qualified therapists much nearer to home? Upon his return to the Masters in 2010, Tiger was asked what procedure(s) Dr Galea performed during his rehab from the ACL tear. What he should have been asked was “Why did you hire a known PED distributor in the first place?” He was really let off the hook there, and it’s incredible that more hasn’t been more made of this since. So many top sportsmen share doctor’s, lawyer’s, dentist’s etc, so it’s highly dubious, to put it mildly, that so many of Dr Galea’s patients have been found guilty of taking banned substances, yet we are supposed to believe that the number one golfer in the world and possibly of all time is one of the only clean ones. This alone should raise red flags in even the most ardent of Tiger’s followers. However, there’s more…
    2. The PGA Tour began their anti-doping policy on July 1st, 2008, at the AT&T National [Thanks to Gary Player at the 2007 British Open]. Tiger’s last appearance of the season was between the 12th-15th June, in the US Open at Torrey Pines. The next event he would have played, if not for the torn ACL, would have been… yep, you guessed it. Now it would be ludicrous to claim that the injury and subsequent surgery was all a sham, so I’m not going to go down that route. Tiger claimed he had been playing with an injury since July 2007, which I’m willing to go with. However, my belief is that PEDs such as testosterone and steroids are exactly what helped Tiger play through the injury [Poor Rocco Mediate] and it is because these were no longer viable options with the new policy in place that there was no choice but to have the surgery and look to heal naturally (at least for the most part). [After his recent microdiscectomy, TW has NOT been tested. Gee, I wonder why. The PGA Tour uses only on-site urine tests. Any sports medicine doc knows how to beat those – the Chinese do it all the time.]
    Supporting this claim is the fact that Tiger’s rapid physical transformation (3) from 2005 or so through 2008 became a lot more apparent from the summer of 2007 onwards (remember the almost superhuman physique displayed in the tight red shirt on Sunday at Oakmont?). If he did injure himself in the summer of 2007, it would make sense to up the dosage of PEDs in order to heal more quickly and be able to play through the pain barrier.
    So, am I saying that all of Tiger’s success was built on a foundation of lies? Not really. [It Was.] I don’t believe he was juicing earlier in his career (BUT HE WAS), such as in 2000, which is rightly considered to be his finest year of Tour. With or without enhancements he would have been the greatest player in the world [At That Time], just maybe not by quite such an astonishing distance.
    Many people say that steroids, testosterone, HGH etc. would be of little use to a golfer. This is true when looking at individual facets of the game in isolation, such as driving distance, iron play and short game. [Totally False] However, what they forget is that PEDs help with your endurance and therefore allow you to train harder. [No. There is an actual physical effect]. How can it not be an advantage to have the physical stamina to practice for eight hours a day rather than four? [TW used this part of the effect to do Navy Seal training,]
    Recovery time after exertion is also sped up dramatically, so you can be at your best every single week. It’s interesting that as Tiger increased in size and was at his most physically impressive, he was suddenly able to put himself in contention every single week. Look at the absurd level of consistency from 2006-2009 and compare it to that of 2001-2002, two hugely impressive years but nowhere nearly as consistent. Post-2009/Dr G, Tiger had begun to have many more off-weeks where he doesn’t even come close to winning, which is understandable as physical energy levels wax and wane. This can be explained in 2010 and 2011 through swing changes, personal trauma etc. but not so much from 2012 onwards, where he clearly has the game to play the lights out but can’t do so on a consistent basis. Not being quite as fresh from day-to-day due to lack of enhancements will do that to you.
    Another, much under-appreciated benefit of PED’s is the MENTAL well-being they provide. What do steroids, testosterone and HGH all have in common? They make you feel youthful, confident and capable of achieving anything. Take a cocktail of all three and you start to feel bulletproof. If you walk around in a state of euphoria believing you are the man, then you are much more likely to hit that great drive or hole that clutch putt on the 72nd hole under the most intense pressure. Without the added help, these things won’t come quite as easily (notice how the clutch putting has almost evaporated in recent years?)
    Tiger has always been known as a terrific closer of tournaments. However, it may surprise you to learn that when he was a wiry young man, not pumped full of exogenous testosterone and anabolic steroids, he was much more prone to hitting poor shots under pressure (relating to my ‘confidence’ point above).
    2000-2001 is considered by many to be his finest stretch, but think about some of the crazy shots that were hit during the business end of tournaments:
    – The drive that was sliced miles right on the 2nd hole of the 2000 PGA playoff against Bob May, which would have resulted in a bogey if for not the tremendous slice of luck afforded on the 2nd shot, in which Tiger’s ball hit the cart path and trundled on over the green into par-saving territory.
    – The even worse drive on the 3rd and final playoff hole which would have been unplayable had some kid not thrown in out of the wilderness back down the cart path. This was one of the most fortunate playoff victories of all time.
    – 2001 Bay Hill Invitational – 16th hole, final round: Tiger hits it 2 feet from OB. Then hits another disastrous tee shot on the 18th which only avoids going OB as a spectator gets in the way! [They did this for Arnie, too!]
    – 2001 NEC Invitational – Only requires par on the final hour to beat Furyk, yet somehow manages to miss the green with a pitching wedge from the center of the fairway and winds up with a bogey. Hits two or three woeful drives in the playoff but is fortunate as each result in playable seconds, and can also thank his lucky stars that Furyk misses a multitude of makable birdie putts which would have put the tournament to bed. Wins on the 7th extra hole.
    – 2001 Dubai Desert Classic – Shocking drive on the final hole, ending in a huge upset as Thomas Bjorn slays the mighty Tiger.
    – In general, Tiger would often bogey the final hole of a tournament when he was in the lead, albeit sometimes when his nearest challenger had to birdie it. This is a trait which has returned post-Galea.
    When did this ever happen once Tiger had bulked up? (And in my opinion was on this cocktail of confidence boosters). Think Hank Haney era basically. The only example I can muster is the bogey-bogey finish at the 2005 Masters, but I think Tiger always finds it tough to win the first major after a drought, it wouldn’t be human not to feel nervous, testosterone or no testosterone. Back nine of 1999 PGA and the lost opportunities in recent years are cases in point.
    So, given my assertion that Tiger wasn’t juicing during some of the best years of this career, and therefore was clearly the best golfer in the world either way, why would he use anything? My belief is that the pressure of winning majors and passing Jack started to take its toll at some point during the early to mid 2000s (which is alluded to by Hank Haney in ‘The Big Miss’ actually), so external ways of finding supreme confidence were required. As I said earlier, if you’re taking testosterone, HGH and steroids, you’ll feel like nothing is out of reach – wouldn’t you love to stand over a 15 foot putt to win a major feeling that way?
    I would ask the administrator(s) here to please give this thread a chance. Tiger Woods is my sporting hero, and it pains me to write what I have. This isn’t intended as a windup and certainly isn’t written with the intention of citing hatred and/or anger. All I want is a reasonable discussion on the matter. I want more than anything in the world to believe that Tiger was a clean athlete (I have no doubt that he is now [REALLY?]) so if any of the great members here can convince me then that’s fantastic. I’d like to hear from both ends of the spectrum really, from Tiger fans who believe that the PED accusations are are a load of hot air [But they are on the record of the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami and that lap dog Tim Finchen won’t release them, of course] and from those who may confess to having doubts on our [Yours, pal, not mine!] hero’s legacy. Questioning doesn’t make you any less of a fan, it’s only natural to ask questions and to live in a state of blind adoration is very dangerous indeed.
    Thank you very much for reading, I appreciate it.

    • Hennyb says:

      What an incredibly thought out and lucid contribution to this forum! You presented your evidence in such an organized manner, its hard to refute. People can say what they want but its people like who prove that this forum is made up of people who truly love the game of golf and not a bunch of jealous hacks! It was a real pleasure reading your post and I couldn’t agree with you more. I look forward to your contributions on this forum in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      My only issue is the “he’s bigger” now. Look at Rory. After his breakup with Woz he gained like 10 pounds of muscle and looks ripped. He must be on Steriods/PED’s/etc.

      You look at athletes across all sports and you will not find anyone who is not bigger now than they were at 20. It’s maturation.

      • lannyh says:

        People focus too much on appearances and weight gain. That’s what your neighborhood gym rat takes PEDs for. That’s not what pro athletes take them for. Did Lance Armstrong look like Arnold S? A marathoner weighing 97 lbs. was busted for steroids. Would you dismiss all the MLB dopers by saying, “Oh, they are just naturally maturing.”
        With Woods, he has had link after link to doping docs. With Rory, you are merely seeing typical backlash from the Woods apologists, who hate basically everything about golf other then Woods. Myself, I will worry about others taking PEDs when we learn a doping doctor is visiting them in private — illegally — and they lie about the extent, such as was the case with Woods. As well, we have the Woods/Biogenesis report from Terez Owens.

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