Who are you going to believe, Golf Channel or your lying eyes?

I heard a strange remark yesterday on Golf Channel; it was a teaser about an upcoming segment where they intended to discuss how Jordan Spieth could win even though he lacked Tiger Woods’s physical stature.  I didn’t stick around to hear the discussion, but the remark  struck me as odd because, well, take a look for yourself:

Tiger Woods_Jordan SpiethAs you can see, Jordan is actually a little bit bigger.  He is taller, his head is larger, his neck broader, these things showing a stronger underlying bone structure.  The forearms and wrists are at different angles, but it appears Jordan has a slight edge there as well.  You can quibble about this feature or that feature, but the point is the guys are almost the same size, with Jordan being ever-so-slightly bigger.  And Jordan didn’t have to “bulk up”; he’s at his natural size.

So how does Golf Channel decide Spieth lacks Woods’s physical stature — when Spieth is actually larger?  This is the stupidest thing ever.

I forgot all about the matter until very early this morning when I was flipping through the sports channels and noticed Jordan Spieth being interviewed by Kelly Tilghman and two others on a repeat of yesterday’s Golf Central.  Not fifteen seconds into my viewing, Kelly stated that Jordan was accomplishing a lot even though he lacked Tiger Woods’s physical stature.  Jordan, ever the gentleman, joked, “That wasn’t very nice,” but he must have been flummoxed, as he obviously knows Woods is slightly smaller.  It would be surreal, if it weren’t standard operating procedure for Kelly Tilghman and golf channel.

I was pleased that Jordan called her out on it.  He did it gently, smoothly, but he didn’t let Tilghman’s remark go completely unchallenged.

Tilghman needs to be fired or reassigned — remember this incident?  — but I think Golf Channel’s All Tiger All The Time act has driven away viewers to the point where they are just going through the motions now.  I don’t know the precise situation at Golf Channel, but I do know the promises of the new media revolution, with its possibilities of detailed coverage for the “expert fans,” has been a major disappointment in the world of golf (and elsewhere).  More on that later.

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8 Responses to Who are you going to believe, Golf Channel or your lying eyes?

  1. Sports-realist says:

    lol…she actually stated that during an interview with Spieth? What an idiot…Certainly lack of tack, ofcourse that’s the golf channel…..The golf channel treats woods like an ancient greek mythology figure….To them he’s 15 feet tall and like the store ‘forever 21’……CBS sports is in on it too ofcourse, with all their lame stories, trying to convince us it’s 1999 again….

    • lannyh says:

      If it’s the NFL, you have one guy telling you Johnny Manziel is the greatest thing since sliced bread and another saying he’s too short and reckless with his passes. With Woods, wouldn’t it be nice if they let one guy say things like, “He’s pushing 40, and he’s not won a major in six years. In 2013 — really his entire career — for the most part, he won on courses he knows stone cold and where wide-open fairways allowed him to get away with wild tee shots. I find about forty players in this event more interesting than Woods.”

      But we’re not allowed to hear contrasting views. Not only does the coverage always have to be about Woods, but it’s got to be happy talk about Woods.

      • Anonymous says:

        I get the point and pretty much agree. The one thing I have issue with is the “only wins on courses he knows”. Those courses are pretty much the site of the (arguably) biggest events with the best fields year in and year out. And, he kept on beating the best players on those courses. Okay, let’s say he does play those courses because he can spray it. What was the guy down the middle doing? Not scoring as well, that’s for sure.

        And, it would appear, he has done what a lot of other superstars have done. Play a lot early in the career and then tailor the schedule to specific events that are either really important (majors) and/or are events you like.

        Early in his career he was playing events like Las Vegas, BellSouth, Disney, Western Open, just to name a few and then scaled back.

        There are events for all the top players, that you just know you will see them at. Phil in Phoenix, Stricker/ZJ at John Deere and DLIII at Harbor Town are a few that jump out.

  2. scratch1957 says:

    Lanny H: You have often mentioned the showing of Tiger Woods standing beside Arnold Palmer because Arnie is still so popular. On the OWGR website, he is depicted with squeaky-clean Jack Nicklaus. Can you believe how bad the pics on the OWGR website have gotten? Of course, Jack didn’t do that. Jack, Arnie, Gary, Ben, Sam and Byron never cheated! We all know Tiger cheated. Jack and Arnie are still in the loop. They must know! They were stars. Gary blew the whistle at the 2007 British Open. The PGA Tour drug policy began in July, 2008, just after Tiger beat poor Rocco Mediate to win the U.S.Open. But, of course, that drug policy has never been applied to Tiger. It was applied to a journeyman who was only using weed, which is now legal in two states.

    • lannyh says:

      At first, I didn’t know what you meant, but then it dawned on me: I have indeed pointed out many times how they are photographed together in the hopes that some of Arnie’s “glow” will rub off on Woods. They also do it with Jack and the American flag every chance they get and anyone or anything else they think will help. All part of the propaganda machine. How many “good friend” reports have we had on Woods. “His good friend Rory.” “His good friend O’Meara.” “His good friend Charles Barkley.” He plays a round with someone or calls them “Jonesy” or “Smithie” and Golf Channel anoints them “good friends.” It doesn’t matter that their friendship amounts to a few practice rounds played together, or that Woods might go years without speaking to them. Oh, another one: his genuinely cute and vivacious niece. Whose father is on Woods’s shite-list and to whom Woods doesn’t even speak. When Cheyenne won her first pro event, Kelly breathlessly asked about Tiger’s call to her. She said, Well, he didn’t actually call, but he did send a text message. GC wants to sell it as The Waltons, but it’s more like the Hatfields and McCoys.

      I’ve always intended to make a chart of Woods’s results before and after the drug policy came into being. Or before and after Dr. Galea. The numbers would be pretty shocking. Some might say it’s unfair because Woods is older now. But that’s half my point. If we say his results are bad now because of the drug policies, we’ll hear, “It’s not drugs, it’s his age.” But we never hear “it’s his age” regarding his deteriorated game in any other context.

      It’s depressing that the golf media thinks Woods is more interesting than Rory, Rickie, Jordan, Adam Scott, Patrick Reed, Matsuyama, and every other player on Tour combined. Or maybe they are just trolling; if that’s the case, it’s even worse; we want real golf journalism, not to be tricked into giving them clicks and viewership.

  3. scratch1957 says:

    The strongest fields every year are at the PGA, the major that Duf won in 2013; and, in doing so, he nipped Ben Hogan, his “hero,” who had held the competitive course record for many years, by one shot.

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