Kelly Tilghman has lost all touch with reality, must be fired — NOW!

Kelly Tilghman, who must consider herself not a golf journalist, but a Tiger Woods PR lackey, is now in denial about something as obvious as Tiger Woods’s height.  Here’s the precise wording from her Golf Central interview of Jordan Spieth:

Tilghman: You’re starting to draw comparisons to the man who hosts this golf tournament.  Not so much in stature, some have said, you know, you don’t bring the physical presence of a Tiger Woods…

Spieth: That’s not nice.

Tilghman: … a tall, strong, and powerful figure.

Again, look at this photo of Spieth and Woods standing side-by-side.  Woods is — are you paying attention, Kelly Tilghman? — slightly smaller than Spieth.

Tiger Woods_Jordan Spieth

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15 Responses to Kelly Tilghman has lost all touch with reality, must be fired — NOW!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re as bad as the media. Here we have a winner in Jordan Spieth and you bring in TW to the conversation.

    • lannyh says:

      You are mistaking this website for a general interest golf website. We cover what other websites are afraid to cover. That means much of our focus is on the golf media. I challenge you to find a single “Yay, yay, Tiger, his red shirt is pretty” article here. You’ll find a million at the mainstream golf websites. David Walsh mentioned Lance Armstrongs name a lot, too, but it was hardly what the mainstream cycling media wrote about, was it?

  2. Bermuda Bob says:

    Greetings, Larry !!!

    I have to ask a question of you before I comment on the topic of your missive …

    Whatever made you think that Kelly Tilghman is a Journalist ??? She’s a talking head … and not a very good one at that !!! I honestly can’t listen to her, let alone watch her.

    As to her fawning, she is just one in the long long line of people who we in that line so they could pucker up. They all realize that TW is a sinking ship … a broken vessel taped and glued together … a piece of Toast !!!

    I have bouts of insomnia and work in my office when it hits. I have enjoyed ALL of the month of November coverage of the various events. I DID NOT do more than look in at TW’s event, happily to see Jordan continuing he dominance. I got so happily accustomed to good coverage, the way it ought to be, than the return of watching every twitch, twiddle, and twaddle of TW !!!

    Please, TW, please understand that you need to learn the words of “Con the Partiro” and learn from it’s message !!!

    Thankscfor allowing me to expound !!!
    Rock On !!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh snap! Hey Lanny, did you see that MusclePfarm is now a sponsor of The Golf Channel? I forget exactly where and when I saw it but I think it was coming back from a commercial break during Golf Central. That same big MP logo you see on TW’s bag. Sad but hilarious!

    • lannyh says:

      Channeling my inner John McEnroe: You cannot be serious!!

      This is the first I’ve heard of it, and it is just too funny. That might be a partial explanation for Kelly wanting to paint Tiger as “tall, strong, and powerful.”

  4. Sports-realist says:

    The golfchannel is probably as close to a CULT as it gets for worshipping a certain THING…That thing is an idea BUILT UP by NIKE, to make us all believe something that does NOT exist…..Braindead folks like a Kelly Tilghman have bought into this myth so much, hence her ability to CUT DOWN other PRO golfers, while interviewing them…..NBC and the golfchannel are a disgrace….

    • lannyh says:

      Agree, agree, agree, although I don’t know that I would ascribe Kelly’s behavior to being braindead so much as being corrupt and mercenary. On the other hand, if she thinks Woods is taller than Spieth, braindead is the right word.

  5. John says:

    The thing NO ONE (as best I recall) mentions regarding Kelly is her prior “suspension” for her non-PC comment/”joke” regarding TW. She has sucked up hard ever since – and am sure it has at least a subliminal, if not more, impact on her attempted “reportage” Candidly, I suspect it similarly impacts others…
    Nevertheless, while his golf doesn’t warrant the attention given – the unfortunate reality is that, like the Kardashians, he is followed by ill-informed/uneducated masses … and those people will be pandered to and fed by media like MTV and GC. Expecting “real” news and comment from media is unreal…

    • lannyh says:

      At this point, how massive are those masses? Is there anyone left who still believes age and physical deterioration has no effect on Woods, that he is one (more) swing thought, one (more) swing coach, away from being 24 years old again?

      In other sports, when the media goes after the unwashed masses, they create “sides” and square off in a debate. The golf media treats Woods as if he is a gymnast on the U.S. Olympic team that we are all, en masse, assumed to be cheering for. If they want to be All Tiger All The Time, they need to have opposing views. The unwashed masses love that kind of conflict.

      I wrote about Stephan A. Smith doing just that on ESPN’s “First Look.” He outright called Woods not even a shell of his former self. Skip Bayless, on that particular show, was a defender of Woods. Their discussion was representative of what real people are saying, and the reality about Woods; this time it was about golf, but they do the same for all sports (look at the strong opposing views on Manziel/Hoyer, or Ray Rice, or a thousand other topics). The golf media simply won’t do that. Woods is the teenage U.S. gymnast, and all the other golfers are dirty damn foreigners. There can be no debate about it; we all must cheer for Woods, and that is that.

      The golf media loves to say, “Woods, you either love him or hate him.” I ask, Where exactly are those “haters” in the golf media? All I see are lovers. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear someone say, “I gotta say, guys, I’ve had about all this Tiger swing change crap I can handle. I’m more interested in Rory and Spieth and Reed and all the guys who don’t want to change a damn thing in their swings. They swing better, and they have character.”

      It’s a shame because I want to hear about Rory and Spieth and the other dominant players of the day. I also want to hear about the 30-something Tour rookies who are finally getting their shot; those stories are new and moving and captivating. They are core stories in the world of golf, and they are shoved aside by the golf media.

      • scatch1957 says:

        Rocco Mediate has said the obvious thing. Guys like Hogan, Snead and Nelson
        had MUCH better swings than even the crop of guys who have good swings. They do compared to their contemporaries, but not compared to The American Triumvirate (above) by James Dodson. Golf fans, get a grip. Learn golf history before blowing it out about good golf swings. The “triumvirate” is gone, and players with their skills will never come back!

  6. Robopz says:

    Wow… this bag-o-tripe blog still exists?

    Here’s a clue… why not just rename it “Every Way We Can Imagine To Disparage Tiger Woods Blog” (which is what it really is). That way you will probably get 1000’s of loyal reverse sycophants following along… instead of the dozen or so you have now…

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