Wanna See My Scar?

Okay, I’ll confess:  I happen to think Jordan Spieth is a fascinating story in golf.  Jordan Spieth interests me the way Tiger Woods did in 1998.  There, I admitted it.  The guy was making the cut in PGA Tour events when he was 16.  And now he’s about to win two tourneys in a row.  For some bizarre reason, that makes me want to watch him and hear discussion about him.

So how come when I turn on Golf Channel, it’s always Tiger Woods?  Several times today, I’ve turned to GC to hear about Spieth.  Every time they’ve been discussing Woods.  Every freaking time.  So I turn back to football and forget all about golf.  CBS Golf’s website covers golf with the same approach as GC.  With CBS, it’s either Tiger or Trick Shot Videos or an animal doing something odd on a golf course.  That’s it.  Oh, wait, I forgot articles about golfer’s pants and shirts and shoes.

Where is the real golf coverage these days?

Who the hell still watches this Tiger Woods nonsense?  The guy is in last place in this event, hasn’t won a major in six years (Rory has won four in past four years), and is 39 years old.  He’s no longer a big deal.  I’m sorry; he just isn’t.

Stephen A. Smith pointed out that Tiger Woods is embarrassing himself now.  TGC and CBS and the rest of the media are worse embarrassments.  Smith pointed out that Woods is not even a shell of his former self, yet the golf media continues to pretend Woods is the only game in town.  The media coverage has become as distasteful and mind-numbingly boring as those people who think the world wants to see the scar from their latest surgery.

There is a meme the golf media pushes:  Tiger Woods, you either love him or hate him.  That’s not true.  He’s like Kim Kardashian.  I don’t give two shites about her, and I don’t want her being discussed when I’m trying to enjoy sports.

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7 Responses to Wanna See My Scar?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I get the TW coverage. As you indicated, just about everyone has an opinion, positive or negative, of the guy and that leads to conversation/debate. But, to completely ignore what a guy like Spieth is doing is embarrassing.

    It is possible to deliver the TW fix to people without ignoring other, bigger, stories but apparently the media hasn’t figured that out.

  2. Sports-realist says:

    The last few years I’ve watched less and less golf coverage, and it’s the way they cover ONE golfer as the primary reason….It won’t get better until Eldrick either retires/quits/dies lol….Seriously, as long as the EXCUSES of so-called injury/comebacks can be used as an excuse for diminishing skills, they will continue to pretend it’s the year 2000-01…..I wish I could go back to 2000 too, but, my time machine has broke….

    • lannyh says:

      The funny thing is, for all practical purposes, his career has died. Yet the media continues, year after year, to act like nothing has changed, either with his skills or his image.

      You’re probably right, though. Until he’s physically gone from the Tour, the media will continue their asinine nonsense.

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