Stephen A. Smith says Tiger Woods no longer even a shell of his former self, should tell media to cover better players

Makes Dan Jenkins look like Santa Claus

I turned to ESPN’s “First Look,” seeking discussion of this weekend’s conference championship games.  Instead, the topic was Tiger Woods.  Oh, joy.  Before I could change the channel, I realized Stephen A. Smith was speaking a truth the golf media tries desperately to cover up:  Woods is a three-day-old fish.

Here’s the link.  (Go to Media/First Take on right-hand side of the page.)  Warning: Not for those mired in the past.  (Here’s another link, this one to a YouTube video of just the golf portion of First Take.)

Smith makes Dan Jenkins look like Santa Claus.  Here are a few samples:

  • He’s not a winner any more. He’s not a winner.

  • Now he seems not only to be looking for moral victories at every turn, [but it’s] like he’s trying to convince everybody [else] to look for moral victories at every turn.

  • If anyone could tarnish themselves more, I don’t know who it is, than Tiger Woods.

  • This dude seems to make a concerted effort to try and get people to support whatever myth he’s trying to put out there about himself.

  • If Tiger Woods came out and said — this is what I truly believe that he should do — to the media: “Look, guys, why are ya’ll following me? I stink. I have not played well. I haven’t been winning. Why don’t you cover the rest of these guys playing in this sport? I had no problem with you covering me when I was a winner. I don’t deserve it [now]… Leave me alone until I’m worthy, because I’m not.”

  • It’s gotten worse. It’s worse than it’s ever been.

  • When you have clearly fallen off, to the point where it’s not even accurate to call you a shell of yourself. Where you’ve come up so flagrantly short that you should be embarrassed to be talking about yourself, and he doesn’t stop anybody from doing it.

  • He seems to be embracing so much attention, when in fact he should be telling folks, “You really might want to go away because, fact is, there’s a whole bunch of guys out here that are better than me right now.”

  • He’s trying to find ways to sell himself today, and in the end, it’s becoming very, very embarrassing.

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18 Responses to Stephen A. Smith says Tiger Woods no longer even a shell of his former self, should tell media to cover better players

  1. Sports-realist says:

    You really wonder if Eldrick is low on funds…..Especially when you take into account the ‘broke’ special about pro athletes and their spending habits…Heck Woods probably has to pay $20 grand a pop, just to get his rocks off these days….He’s the type of guy that spends $20 mill or more per year, and doesn’t think it will ever end…..Ofcourse we know he doesn’t tip, nor did the Kennedy’s, or Michael Jordan ect……

  2. Sports-realist says:

    I watched about 20 minutes of coverage today, couldn’t stand to watch anymore…..The media’s ‘built in’ excuse on why ANY injury Eldrick has is always called a COMEBACK…That got old about 4 COMEBACKS ago hasn’t it? I mean is anyone still buying this crap? And seriously, who after a so called back injury INCREASES clubhead speed by supposedly 4 mph, without taking STEROIDS/PEDS….

    • Anonymous says:

      There are rumors that TW likes to frequent this place called a gym. As I understand it these kinds of places are where people go when they want to get stronger.

      • Sports-realist says:

        The gym does not turn a 39 year old into a 25 year old…Sorry, nice try….HOWEVER, steroids has been well known to turn back the clock on speed and power…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah, I see, so I suppose we should chalk up Ror’s sudden and significant muscle increase to steriods and not the gym. Perfect.

      • lannyh says:

        You can “chalk up” anything you want to whatever you want, but to pretend Woods has not used PEDs almost his entire career is just plain stupid. Rory may eat steroids for breakfast, and HGH for lunch, with heroin for supper. I don’t know. But what we do know is that Tiger Woods had a personal and private association with doping doctor Anthony Galea (an unlicensed doctor), and that he lied about the extent of it. We also know Woods’s name was reported to be on the Biogenesis customer list. We also know he has a reckless nature and a history of deception and lying and cheating. If you get a bigger ego boost out of pretending Woods is Mr. Clean than the ego loss from being unable to look at facts analytically, your mind will force you to deny the reality of Woods. Me, my ego is fed by my own analytical skills, not by vicarious identification with a guy who whacks a ball with a stick.

        I used to like and admire Lance Armstrong. Now I think he’s pond scum. Unlike me in the case of Armstrong, Woods loyalists are unable to adjust their views to the changed reality.

    • Do you even listen to what they said? They said the increase of club head speed was 4MPH from last year. Obviously, when you are fighting an injury your club head speed will go down.

      They even stated his club head speed’s from the past and for the last couple of years and what they are now and they are still below his Haney days let alone when he was working with Butch.

      Anyone that thinks a golfer is using PEDs other than to recover from an injury quicker which is allowed with a Treatment exemption ( TUE ) is only grasping at straws to try and tear down what certain players have accomplished!

      As for post further above about Tiger hurting for money…..hahahahahahahaha! Stop it please! You are just making yourself look more and more foolish!

    • As for you LannyH, you have been jumping on any young guy you can hang your hat on in hopes of this being the guy to replace Tiger. You had a lovefest going for Rory but it got derailed for awhile because he became friends with Tiger and joined Team Tiger over at Nike.

      First it was Rickie Fowler and then Rory and now you are jumping on the Jordan bandwagon. Jordan comes across as a great guy as he has been these last couple of weeks…who wouldn’t when you are in the zone.

      But, he has shown some real immaturity in the last year when things don’t go his way on the course. He even had to apologize at one of the event for his childish attitude on the course that day. I don’t have any problem with these guys showing some emotion or at getting pi**ed off on the course. Golf can make you crazy like that!

      Let’s see how your boy handles the downs after having some upside the last few weeks. Don’t worry as Tiger has only got another 7 or 8 years in the spotlight and then things will be all good for you except when they still compare a players week to one in the past from Tiger.

      6 years of drug testing and no one has tested positive outside of recreational drugs tells me no one on tour uses PEDs. What’s really funny is you using Doctor G. as part of your conspiracy theories still. It’s been thru the courts and nothing on Tiger and the same goes for Biogenesis deal….

      It’s been out there for all this time and outside of one tabloid type reporter ( term used loosely ) nothing has come out on Tiger. Come on, Tiger is the million dollar jackpot if anyone had evidence on him using. N one is cashing in on it? Please!

      • lannyh says:

        Sounds like you have some psychological issues to deal with. Woods, like Faldo, like Norman, was the best on Tour during his prime. That prime is way, way behind us. You seem be be jealous and agitated by the new guys that are cropping up.

        Your PED “analysis” should have been self-refuted before you hit “Post Comment.” Lance Armstrong “never tested positive” either. And the cycling commissions did the much more effective blood tests in addition to urine tests. It’s not easy to catch cheaters, but it’s not difficult to spot them. Armstrong also spent time with a known “doping doctor,” just like Woods.

        Again, you seem to be having a tough time dealing with Woods’s decline. Did you think he was immune to aging? Do you think Jimmy Connors will play John McEnroe at the Wimbledon finals this year?

      • Tiger past his prime…I think his prime was amazing but its gone now. 7 years of injuries and not much competitive golf ( less than 12 full events a year ) has taken its toll on not only his body but his edge in mental toughness.

        Too play so little and dealing most of the time with nagging or tough injuries and pain has made his mental game a shambles. I’m not some Tiger slurper in thinking he is going to come back at 39 years old and be the force he was for his first 13 years.

        I do think if he can stay injury free he can still win and if on right week it could be a major or two but a dominant player like a Rory….not anymore! What’s funny is I like Rickie and Rory and even Jordan as I think all 3 are really good players and can be good for the game and help ease the pain when Tiger stops playing and even while he is still playing however little that might be!

        Heck, I even like Patrick Reed as it is fun to see someone show some fire every now and then. I loved it when he shushed the cord at Ryder Cup!

        But, you on the other hand would condemn Tiger if he found a cure for cancer and would probably say he’s always had it but didn’t want to share it with everybody!

        What sport Lance competed in is a sport that PEDs can contribute to performance. Golf however is not and never will be in our lifetimes. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just wishing and hoping for one of their conspiracy theories to come true. It’s not going to happen!

        I see you had no reasoning to refute my statement about Tiger being culpable in any way with using PEDs thru Doctor G. or Biogenesis. Someone would be set for life if they could expose Tiger in either of those cases and with all the time that has gone by if it was going to happen it would have. You know it, I know it and so does everyone else!!

        You have been writing for two years in the hope someone would say…hey we are going to pay you for your insight and writing but when they see all it really is….

        An “Agenda” against Tiger and it takes all your credibility away,whatever credibility there was to begin with!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The funny thing is that if he actually did come out and tell the media to follow better players he’d probably get crushed for avoiding the media and then the story turns from him and his so called game and on to the fact that he’s not talking to the media.

    • lannyh says:

      I think such a comment would shame them into stopping. But there’s no way Woods would do that; his sponsors would be all over him. If I can glue two of Smith’s points together, I would say Woods makes a concerted effort to push his “myth of the day” and get people to go along. The media is only too happy to do so. This isn’t just true now, but was true when Woods was in his prime. The media even invented some of the myths, including the ever-popular, “No one else could hit that shot.”

      • Hennyb says:

        Hank Haney, in his book, eluded to the whole “Myth of the Day” strategy. For example Hank said Tiger hit the ball horrible one day, (what happened to everything we worked on eh wondered ?) yet to the media Tiger gushed that he “flushed it all day” I only missed one shot out there. Nothing but smoke and mirrors, just like his entire career.

  4. James1957 says:

    A recent posting said TIger’s wins are as tainted as Barry Bond’s home run total. They don’t mean anything. A recent check showed that the only MLB players with more home runs in one season than Roger Maris’s 61 are guys that that were users. None of them is in MLB Hall of Fame. Bud Selig waited until his last year MLB Commissioner to enforce penalties for the use of banned PEDs. Thanks, Bud! Another recent posting showed me that Tiger is the biggest scum-bag who has ever played on the PGA Tour. I read the post that you said were not for the “faint of heart.” Good work, Lanny! You’re getting better and better.

    • Anonymous says:

      James, could you tell us where you found that article? I would be very interested in reading it. Thank you.

      • lannyh says:

        Scroll back four articles to “Deadspin Shows Dan Jenkins How It’s Done,” where you’ll find a link. It’s a faux interview using Woods’s own words — from the vulgar text messages he sent to the porn woman.

  5. Anonymous says:

    All speculation points to TW using PED’s…that’s fine…and he’s an idiot. The issue I have is, “when did it start?”

    You look at guys like McGuire, Sosa, Clemons, A-Rod, Bonds, and a few others. Evidence would indicate they had pretty solid careers going BEFORE they started messing with the PED’s. It seems, based on what we know, that TW was in a similar boat.

    From what we know, TW was dabbling in the PED’s between 2008 and 2009. There is no evidence, that I know of, preceding this period and no evidence post 2009. TW did the vast majority of his winning pre-2008 which kind of points to the bulk of his career being on the up and up.

    That doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s an idiot and used, but I have a hard time dismissing a HOF caliber career when all indications show that things were on the up and up when he was at his absolute best.

    Now, if something comes out that he was using in, say, 2000, then we have a different story, but we don’t have that evidence.

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