Tuesday Thoughts, Tiger Woods Edition

Tuesday Thoughts is a regular feature during the golf season, but here’s a special Christmas edition.

General Gripe About Websites:  The Internet continues to get worse and worse.  What burns me these days is the presentation of links as if they are new articles.  Case in point: CBS Golf has a link saying something like, “Woods to Miss Masters.”  That would be news if it were current, but it’s from last year.  They could just as honestly put “Woods in Car Crash” with a link to a 2009 article.  Those guys will do anything to get a damn click.  It’s sad.

Speaking of Tiger Woods:  Woods has his OWGR points giveaway this week.  In just the past four years, it’s been called the Chevron Challenge, the Northwestern Mutual Challenge, and, now, the Hero Challenge.  (Hero is apparently a bicycle manufacturer in India.)  Why not give it a more honest title?  The Tiger Woods Challenge to Find A Sponsor Invitational.

Get Your OWGR Points Here!  I’m not saying this Challenge to Find a Sponsor Invitational is a scam or anything, but Tiger Woods made four times more point from last year’s event than he made in all the other events combined.  Just sayin’.

Kyle Porter Hearts Tiger Woods:  Do any of you read the CBS Golf website?  Go scroll through Kyle Porter’s golf pieces.  Consistently, 8 of any 10 of them are about Tiger Woods.  Golf was once criticized as being a sport for Old White Men.  Kyle Porter has turned into a sport for Old Black Man.

Woods and Jeter: Woods wrote a whine about Dan Jenkins on Derek Jeter’s website.  Turns out the website is a product of the management company of Woods and Jeter, so they likely have a stake in it.  But that’s not my point.  The operators describes the website as “a platform to communicate directly with their fans and the world at large” and “a forum to communicate with fans without the filter of the news media.  Okay, what the hell is Twitter?  And in the case of Woods, all he has to do is call Golf Channel and say he wants to be a Morning Drive guest host for an hour (or day, or week, or month) and they will knock Gary Williams out of his chair so fast he’ll never know what hit him.  Then there are the press conferences where all pro athletes speak directly with no filter.  The concept for that website is a loser from day one.

By the way, I know I said I was going to post a couple of articles but didn’t.  My only excuse is that it’s football season.  At any rate, I plan to clear my desk of a couple of those articles here in December.  I’m also going to launch a new feature next year in the spirit of the old Huggan-Elling Pond Scrum and SI’s Tour Confidential.  So you have that going for you.

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9 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts, Tiger Woods Edition

  1. sretsam68 says:

    Here’s hoping Tiger has a glass stomach since Kyle Porter’s head is forever up Tiger’s arse!

  2. HennyB says:

    I see the propaganda machine is already off to a running start. And its only the beginning. Just think we have the entire 2015 season to look forward to.

    • lannyh says:

      I’m truly surprised at the attention Woods is getting, although, to be honest, it seems to be almost exclusively golf media coverage, and it’s nowhere near what it was his first dozen “comebacks.” But, to my eyes, last year had all the signs of “market capitulation.” Rory McIlroy has now won FOUR majors since Woods last picked one up. And the live coverage of Woods’s empty parking space seemed to mark a new low for golf journalism. Even when Woods managed to play that event, he was never even close to being a factor. Surely the golf media has some small degree of self-respect. I thought the golf media would back off during the off-season and realize “we won’t be fooled again,” but there they are.

      The whole Tiger Woods routine has become tedious. I used to post frequently at CBS Golf, but the articles Porter posts are complete garbage. I once referred to them as — thank you, Joe Biden — as “a noun, a verb, and Tiger Woods.” You know what Kyle is going to say, and you know what every commenter is going to say. It’s an insult to my intelligence and a waste of my time.

      The media will claim “Tiger Woods, either you love him or you hate him,” but they’ve been doing that routine so long, they need to add a third option, “or you heard from old people he used to be really good.”

      • HennyB says:

        I agree. It is very tedious and by now we can all recite the script the commentators follow. For me its beyond annoying. It’s so ridiculous that all I can do now is laugh. I was however surprised at the amount of coverage and compliments Jordan Spieth received when he shot 63 last Sunday. I was waiting for them to follow up Jordan’s highlights with highlights from Tiger’s 61 at the Bridgestone.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I often wonder what things would have been like if Jack played in the social media environment we have today and how much attention he would have received during the 5 or 6 or whatever it was years between 17 and 18. Seems to me like the level of attention would have been similar. Fans would likely have been much more positive about things but the level of attention would seemingly have been there. That seems to come with being “the best” and having a career like the two had.

    The Ror’s conversation seems to be gradually gaining attention although the ups and downs he has seems to have slowed it’s movement. If he has another year in 2015 like he did in 2014, I think you’ll see an even bigger shift as the media seems to be clinging to TW due in large part to no one (yet) consistently performing at a very high level. Ror’s will step up, but then tail off at times, and guys like Bubba, and Adam Scott, and Justin Rose, and Rickie Fowler, and Stenson, and Kaymer, just to name a few, seem to do the same.

    All that said, it is a pretty exciting time in golf. One of the things I enjoy the most is the growing commraderie (spelling) amongst players that comes through on the course.

    • lannyh says:

      1. Rory already is playing at a high level. A major a year for four years, two last year. There’s no logical golf-related reason to give Woods much attention at all. 2. There wasn’t any angst about Jack winning or not winning a major. That’s a media creation for Tiger Woods, ostensibly to show he is some kind of sui generis of golf. He obviously isn’t, but the media caters to the LCD. People were interested in the Grand Slam back in Jack’s day, and Jack gave it a go a couple of times, as did Arnie.

      Everyone likes to think they live in a unique age, and, yes, Twitter wasn’t around in 1930. But Bobby Jones got a tickertape parade in Manhattan, and I don’t recall any golfer in my lifetime getting that. I have to think the 1927 Yankees got way more attention than any MLB today. Arguably more attention than anything going today. People have always discussed sports at work. They carried newspapers around.

      Anyway, I think the fact that the only pertinent topic left for Woods is coverage of his amount of coverage shows he’s an old worn-out shoe. Anyone who believes Woods is still worthy of wall-to-wall coverage probably thinks old people’s arthritis goes away the older they get.

      Woods has been a bore for several years now, and if you find live cameras aimed at his empty parking space fascinating, that’s your problem, not mine. That you are in the minority is shown by Woods’s continuing inability to attract big-time sponsors. Hero bicycles? Not exactly Accenture, is it?

      • Anonymous says:

        I wasn’t trying to justify it. I just find it curious to think about how THIS media would have treated Jack. It doesn’t go anywhere obviously but if they treat this best player of this period like this, it would seem they’d give similar attention to Jack if he was doing his thing in this period.

  4. Ken says:

    Kyle Porter is such a joke. I’ll visit the cbs site and 9 out of ten stories are about Woods. He’ll be thrilled to hear that Woods may play Phoenix. He ranked this tournament something like 11th on the schedule recently, but said it would move higher if Woods plays. Total, sickening mancrush.

    He’s also big on something he calls TourSauce. Badically that’s any gesture that Kyle finds cool. In his mind, this TourSauce thing is taking off with fans like a rocket. The term itself may be the most inane phrase in the history of sports, if not the entire history of the English language.

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