Golf Digest’s Website is an Unreadable Jumble of Tripe

A month ago, I got the idea to do Golf Website Awards for 2014. I envisioned things like “Most GIF-Tastic” going to Kyle Porter at CBS (because, to borrow from Joe Biden, Kyle Porter articles consist of a noun, a verb, and five animated GIFs). I also planned a “Biggest Tiger Lackey” award going to… well, that one would have a lot of competition, wouldn’t it?

I  thought I’d even include a serious category for the best golf websites, where I’d mention Shackelford’s website along with a couple of others. Looking for those couple of others, I first looked at Their website was such a frustrating mess, I had no desire to travel any farther into the golf coverage wasteland and, in fact, soon lost interest in the project entirely.

I had jotted down a few notes that morning, but I never bothered to return to them until now. Here they are, in their raw form:

Golf Digest. What a mess. Unusable. The first screen of the homepage is comprised of a huge banner ad. Below that is a huge masthead. Below that is a gigantic graphic display, which scrolls horizontally every five seconds. Scroll down and you get a huge advertisement taking up the right-hand 1/3 of your screen. Scroll down a little more and — voila! — a drop down ad descends from above, further obscuring the screen. A Golf Digest subscription ad, the fourth such ad you encounter just at the top part of the homepage.

Is there any content whatsoever on this page? After all, the homepage is 23-screens long. Why, yes, there is content. To the left of the advertisements, and beneath the drop-down ad at the top, we spy a grand total of three stories we could click on.

Dude goes nuts, snaps all his clubs in golf course parking lot” — Oh, America’s funniest faked home videos. Yeah, that is great stuff.

Other articles: Music’s Top 100 Golfers

A suit designed for bigger-bodied dudes Huh? This “article” was apparently a J Crew ad, even including a link to their clothing website.

I found the website layout a visual and logical mess, and the content was largely idiotic nonsense or advertisements presented as news.

The thing is, believe it or not, I’ve read good articles at in the past; however, I now realize those were arrived at via a Google News search. Another realization: I often cut and pasted those articles into a text document, to escape the distracting “motion” on the actual Golf Digest webpage.

It’s now been a month since I jotted down those notes, so let me take a quick look at what the website looks like right now…

Okay, visually it’s just as bad as before. Actually, it’s even worse. Today, in addition to all the prior garbage, there is a popup ad for a contest, as well as a prominently-placed animated GIF which loops every three seconds.

Bottom Line: There is no redeeming factor whatsoever at the website. If you stumble upon an interesting Golf Digest article via Google News, I recommend you cut and paste the body of the article into Word, so you can read it without distraction. (Or read the Google cached version if one is available.)

Unless you want to give yourself eye strain while lowering your golf IQ by 20 points, stay as far away from Golf Digest’s website as possible.

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2 Responses to Golf Digest’s Website is an Unreadable Jumble of Tripe

  1. James says:

    I can forgive you for “the media is” if you think of the media as a single collective entity, but “is comprised of” is simply unforgivable. “Comprise” means “includes.” You meant “is composed of” or “includes a.” You have complained of declining IQ in America. What about declining use of correct grammar ? Why should the most interesting golf website include incorrect grammar ? Besides declining use of correct grammar, we have the dumbing-down of the SATs, grade inflation, set-asides for inferior college applicants, and the oxymoron “Equal Opportunity – Affirmative Action,” which I have seen in action. Disgusting!

    • lannyh says:

      I had jotted down a few notes that morning, but I never bothered to return to them until now. Here they are, in their raw form:

      I welcome grammatical input, but I’m not sure jotted notes in raw form are crying out for a red ink pen.

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