If you’re not reading Geoff Shackelford’s golf blog, you should be.  I took a quick glance tonight and found a clever parody of a meeting of the Ryder Cup task force thingy they just announced.  (Sorry, folks, but if there is anything I care less about in golf than the Ryder Cup I don’t know what it is.  Give it a rest, already, how bout it?)

That was an amusing bit, but what makes Shackelford special is his willingness to ruffle feathers in his pursuit of the truth.  In just the most recent six or eight entries, there was a piece highly critical of Tim Finchem, and another that took a nice, and well-deserved, shot at a remark of Johnny Miller’s.

I might start posting comments at Shackelford’s website next year, I don’t know.  The only thing preventing me from doing so is I like to criticize and stir the pot and have some rowdy, lowbrow fun at times, and his website strikes me as above that kind of thing.  It’s too classy (I’ve mentioned before that his commenters are astute and logical and well-spoken [well-written?]) and — I have to say this — too important.  Shackelford cares about golf and has strong opinions that aren’t swayed by the madness of crowds.  He has a good thing going, and I don’t want to sully it.

I really, really need to finish my review of his book, “The Future of Golf.”  There is truth on every page of that book, and seldom is it truth popular within the golf industry.  I’d promise to finish soon, but, quite honestly, I don’t much feel like writing about golf (or anything else) right now.  It took great discipline just to tap this out.

(I wrote a “review” of the Golf Digest website a while back, but I lack the impetus to tidy it up and post it.  Maybe I’ll force myself to spend five minutes cleaning it up and post it.  I also have a pretty good article — okay, a DAMN good one — written about Lucy Li and Tiger Woods and “athleticism” in golf.  Unfortunately, it’s written in my head, not on paper.)

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3 Responses to Shackelford

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah the laughable ‘TASKFORCE’ thing makes it sound like Phil and Eldrick are meeting on a daily basis, discussing why they both suck in the Ryder Cup, yet somehow they are the answer? CBS ofcourse is doing it’s ‘eldrick all the time’ nonsense while ignoring the steroids, but even that article is a bit of a stretch…..Did you also notice how they are NOT covering the Grand Slam of Golf event that’s on TBS….All 4 participants are Major winners, including Rory, yet there isn’t an article on CBS about it after day one? Now if you know who were playing in it, all 6 articles would be about that event……

    • lannyh says:

      Didn’t notice the Grand Slam thing until you pointed it out. You nailed it: If Woods were in it, we’d be told it was the most important event in history.

      • Anonymous says:

        I mean seriously, there is a PGA event going on, granted it’s a guaranteed money sort of thing, yet the cbs articles are reminiscing about 14 years ago????????? pathetic…

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