Is CBS Sports Phasing Out Their Golf Section?

What is going on at the CBS Sports website?  It’s gotten embarrassing.

There’s not even an accessible article about Sang Moon Bae’s win this past weekend.  I clicked on what looked like a link, and it sent me to Porter’s Eye on Golf blog.

Speaking of which…  has Porter given up?  Most of his pieces now are little more than four or five embedded GIFs with no informational value to golf fans whatsoever.  The rest are mostly nonsense about Tiger Woods.  Today, for example, Porter has a headline announcing that Woods went to two football games.  Who in the world would cares about that?  That vapid of a headline calls for an ironic “Quick, someone alert the media” comment.  Oh, wait, Porter is supposed to be the media.

You’d think the network that has the television rights for the Masters could do a little better job of covering golf.  That they don’t makes me thing they may phase out the golf section on  There is a website called that bills itself as an official partner to  It looks more like an advertising website than a real, meaty golf website, but, hey, at least they have an article on Bae’s win.

It’s frustrating for those of us who try to support the CBS Golf website presence, as we seem to be the only ones who even care.

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6 Responses to Is CBS Sports Phasing Out Their Golf Section?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. Wanted to see what they had to say about, as they put it, Bae Sang-Moon’s W but it kept taking me nowhere. They aren’t phasing it out….it just foosball season.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I generally avoid the CBS Sports Golf page. Pretty much every other sports website on earth is better. Kyle Porter lives on twitter and hasn’t written an original article in years. He just steals GIFs and ideas from Adam Sarson, the SB Nation guys and the No Laying Up guys. He should be fired.

  3. sretsam68 says:

    Kyle Porter is an embarrassment, anyway.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I noticed CBS was back to telling us about all the pointless details of Eldrick, so I stopped checking the golf coverage articles….I’m sure they know that most golf fans don’t care about Bae’s win…Not saying they shouldn’t write about it, but today’s media is so $$$ driven by the higher up’s, they know they don’t really have to write about REAL golf coverage anymore….Instead they can do a more tmz version of golf coverage, and tell us about the favorite food recipes of the so called top golfers….Cuz that’s what the real golf fans wants right, um well no……

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