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Golf Digest’s Website is an Unreadable Jumble of Tripe

A month ago, I got the idea to do Golf Website Awards for 2014. I envisioned things like “Most GIF-Tastic” going to Kyle Porter at CBS (because, to borrow from Joe Biden, Kyle Porter articles consist of a noun, a … Continue reading

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If you’re not reading Geoff Shackelford’s golf blog, you should be.  I took a quick glance tonight and found a clever parody of a meeting of the Ryder Cup task force thingy they just announced.  (Sorry, folks, but if there … Continue reading

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Is CBS Sports Phasing Out Their Golf Section?

What is going on at the CBS Sports website?  It’s gotten embarrassing. There’s not even an accessible article about Sang Moon Bae’s win this past weekend.  I clicked on what looked like a link, and it sent me to Porter’s … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods: A pretty good career, nothing more, nothing less

Now that we are clearly in the early days of the Rory McIlroy golf era, we can look back at the Tiger Woods era with clear eyes. Final judgement: A pretty good career, well above journeyman level, but far short … Continue reading

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Rory McIlroy Eyeing the Grand Slam? He’s Studying Bobby Jones!

Sports fans have long dreamed of a golfer winning the Grand Slam, but they have been frustrated for 85 grueling years. Is 2015 the year the Grand Slam drought will finally end? Charlie Rymer, of Golf Channel, reports Rory McIlroy … Continue reading

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