So… why the fuss?

So tell me, why the big fuss about the Ryder Cup?  It couldn’t have anything to do with NBC and the money they pay for broadcast rights, could it?

What reason do golf fans have for caring about the Ryder Cup?  In my opinion, there isn’t one.  It’s a super-hyped Tavistock Cup.

I’m glad Golf Channel covers it live, but, man, the two-year buildup is tedious beyond description.

But help is on the way: Lanny H will soon be a part-owner of Comcast — and I will not be afraid to make my opinions heard!


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15 Responses to So… why the fuss?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The SAME way the Ryder Cup has mostly gone over these last 7 or 8 times is amazing….The lack of putting, course management, clutch shots ect. has been a staple of these present Ryder Cup USA players, with the exception of a few……….I would love to know certain stats:
    1. Putting…How many putts were made by Euros from 10 and out vs USA 10 feet and out(seemed like Europe made everything and USA made very little…
    2. Par 5’s…To me this was the biggest difference between the two teams….Again what percentage did America birdie, par, and bogey the par 5’s vs the Euro’s….In the ‘rotating shots’ section, where USA lost 7-1 over two days, America seemed to CONSTANTLY be in the rough off the tee….This produced layups, with long 3rd shots….
    3. I would guess USA hit about 50% of the fairways or less, esp in the first two days…..
    4. Clutch shots…..I was amazed at how FEW great shots the USA played this week….It was like watching a bunch of avg golfers, with many of their approach shots…..

  2. sretsam68 says:

    My thoughts…
    While I’m a fan of Tom Watson, I think he was too old for the captaincy. Regardless of whether a person thinks the captain’s relevance is as a figurehead only, the players need a captain who is more in touch with them, not someone who needs to “get to know them”. Even when Palmer and Nicklaus completed their second stints as captains, they were only 46 and 47, respectively – not 65. I wouldn’t be surprised if Azinger gets an encore in 2016.
    Watson made an error in not playing Reed/Spieth Friday afternoon and another when not playing Bradley/Mickelson in the four-ball match on Saturday. It almost seemed for the former that Watson had his mind made up and geared toward “experience” regardless of how Reed/Spieth performed and couldn’t change mid-stream.
    The Euros have an American to thank for spearheading their inclusion – Nicklaus in 1977. Sure, it may have evolved that way shortly afterward, but who knows?
    The bottom line is the Euros are more motivated for the Ryder Cup. I think one reason is the Presidents Cup. Every year since 1993, the United States is involved in a match for their country, so the effect has become numb to a degree rather than a two-year anticipation.
    By the way, NBC’s coverage could be better…

    • Anonymous says:

      Watson did fine, most captains discuss their decisions with co-captains, so there is plenty of opinions. …..Furyk, Kuchar, and Zach Johnson should be able to dominate, yet they are just losers in this format…..It really makes no sense as to why, unless they simply aren’t good in this type of pressure……Furyk, Johnson, and Mickelson are probably done with the Ryder, and that will help the USA…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have Faith Lanny. When TW and Phil are out of the picture you’ll go back to appreciating it for what it is.

  4. Bermuda Bob says:

    Tom Watson turned out to be one of those great Golfers who did not have a clue about management of 12 individual players, egos, and playing styles.

    He did not surround himself with management people, instead, he leaned on an old friend and a guy who was always picked to babysit a great golfer but a bad team mate !!!

    He did not bring in anyone to inspire the team with words they could carry, he brought in folks who had a personal message of giving oneself to their service.

    He did not understand how to use youth and protect age.

    He did not understand how to best use his Captain’s Picks to offset those who he had to have.

    Tom might have sounded like a great idea by the committee that thought he would be a good idea, but then a camel is a horse created by a committee !!!

    Tom is probably a nice guy, but those who asked him to serve are responsible for the smudge this loss puts on his illustrious career.

    Phil is right, of course. but unfortunately the media will try to make more of this than it really is because they always need a story. Don’t ask a question unless you’re sure of the answer. Phil even apologized for the questioner misunderstanding what he said. Even Brandle Chamblee ought to have understood that, but he didn’t … or didn’t want to !!!

    The next Captain must understand what the last guys have not, whether they like it or not.

    BTW: I’m always available for the asking !!!

    Rock On !!!

    • lannyh says:

      You know, to be honest, I don’t think anything matters other than picking the best possible players. I don’t even think the teams matter, really, not to any great degree. I don’t believe at all in the “inspiration” angle. Especially, because in golf, sometimes trying harder yields worse results.
      That’s my take on it, anyway. The Euros just have better players now. Look at who wins the majors.

      • Bermuda Bob says:

        These guys are “individual contractors” and they act like it.

        The difference is that the Europeans have a commonality that they maintain on Tour and take to events like the Ryder Cup, making them a dead cert.

        That’s the big difference, even if they live hundreds of miles apart.

        Yes many are better, but only a small few compared to the number of Americans on Tour. Most of those guys are not everyday Tour Players stateside.

        The American problem is that the Captain gets stuck with a guy or guys who do not belong. Take the yahoo Gerry Watson. He is useless on anything but right hand penal courses like Augusta or the desert. Why have a guy who is proven to be useless in an event just because he won a couple of big pots ???

        A Captain ought to have who he wants, and if he gets a dud, do like the Euros did with Jean Van De Velde … sit him until you have no choice !!!

        Rock On !!!

      • lannyh says:

        Well, I look at it more simply: the Euros hit the ball closer to where they are aiming and putt better.

      • Bermuda Bob says:

        Cause vs/and Affect/Effect !!!

        Anyone who has played the game competitively, even at just the Club Level, understands that what happens behind the scenes affects what happens on the Course !!!

        Rock On !!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree Lanny…I’ve coached different sports and it’s pretty simple: When you have clutch players, you win….When you have non-clutch players, you lose….Being a Ryder Cup captain is a figurehead position, and probably the ‘captains picks’ are their most important decision……The Ryder Cup captain isn’t getting them in physical shape…He’s not telling them how to swing or give them putting tips……He’s basically just putting person A to face person B……No matter how he rearranged this group of players, it wasn’t going to produce a win…….

    • Bermuda Bob says:

      So, how do you explain the Azinger concept and how his book has been considered a contributing aspect by many who have employed it ???

      Now, using your ideas, what do you do when you have a player that qualifies but is useless in this type of competition ??? Yes, I’m talking about the yahoo, Gerry Watson,who proved me correct from the start … Tom Watson was stuck with him !!!

      Interestingly enough, the Captain’s Picks were a wash with USA = 2-5-2 and EURO = 3-5-2 … You would think the Captain would want his picks to shine because they were HIS !!!

      Rock On !!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Looking back at the 2008 Ryder Cup, in which USA won 16-11, I remember Europe playing Very flat on Sunday….It was the Americans making most of the putts, while Europe couldn’t make anything….
        1….Sergio only took 1 pt the whole week, while Rose and Poulter got most of the points with 7……
        2….Also point breakdown: 8 of the 12 Euro’s got less than 2 pts, while America had 8 players take 2 points or more……
        3…USA had a bunch of relative unknowns, like Anthony Kim, Boo Weekly, JB Holmes, who each took 2.5 points and played loose….. Europe’s team mostly sucked in Hansen, Jiminez, Westwood, Wilson, Casey, Garcia…..
        I don’t think it was the genius of the captain, but the weakness of the Euro field that year….Not to mention no Rory or Graeme in 2008, who has been really tough in this format since…
        America in that ‘fourball’ format took 4.5 to 3.5 in 2008, compared to 7-1 this past few days….
        Final thought about the captain: Think of Jordan Spieth and Hunter Mahan:BOTH had 3 up and 4 up hole leads on Sunday’s singles, and ended up with a total of half a point……Now, was Tom Watson a genius for the first 9 holes, when they had those big leads, then suddenly became an idiot due to the back 9 collapses? Ofcourse not…

  6. lannyh says:

    A couple more comments:

    1. There is variation in golf result. It’s the nature of the game. So, this exact U.S. team would have won some certain percentage of meetings.
    2. The Euro players are, objectively speaking, better. OWGR 1,3,5,6 are Euros. OWGR 4 is American. The 7th best American (using OWGR) sat home. The 12th best (assuming Woods truly was too hurt to play) American also sat home.
    3. The idea that there is more pressure at a Ryder Cup than anywhere else is bunk. It’s one of the things the hype machine uses to try to create interest in the event. Be logical. Think of a guy trying to win a major on Sunday afternoon. A guy playing for his card in the years final event, or in Q School to get on Or a journeyman trying to win a lower-tier tourney to get a Tour card for two years. THAT’S pressure. The only thing the Ryder Cup has is peer pressure.

    • Anonymous says:

      To further that thought, think of Rickie Fowler, who finished in the top 5 in ALL 4 majors…..The Ryder Cup should actually feel like playing in a Saturday team scramble with the buddies, as opposed to contention in all 4 majors…..Rickie should have dominated in this Ryder Cup the way he played all year, unless he just ran out of mental steam for the season…

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