Exile Tom Watson? Not as crazy as you think.

Everyone single person I spoke to today said the same thing: Tom Watson should have chosen Chris Kirk and Billy Horschel.

Kirk and Horschel both hail from SEC colleges, whereas Tom Watson is from Kansas, a Big Twelve school.  Therein may lie the reason: Conference envy.  Watson chose Hunter Mahan (Oklahoma State, Big Twelve), Webb Simpson (Wake Forest, ACC), and Keegan Bradley (St. John’s, Big East).

About half the people I talked to today, after expressing their displeasure with Tom Watson, asked if it would be possible to deport or exile him should the American team lose the Ryder Cup.  I scoffed at this, but later I did some research, and there is a precedent for this.

In 1815, France — another nation participating in the Ryder Cup — exiled one of their renowned citizens, Napoleon Bonaparte, a man at the time as visible as Watson is now.  So exiling Tom Watson is not as far-fetched as it might seem at first glance.

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3 Responses to Exile Tom Watson? Not as crazy as you think.

  1. Bermuda Bob says:

    Some people can play Golf well … Some people can manage Golfers well … Some people can do both well … Some people don’t do either well (Davis Love comes to mind).

    The Jury is out for the next two (2) days … but Sunday is judgement day for one of the great Golfers of all time !!!

    Rock On !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kirk is a bit easier of a case to make. Hoerschel, based on hindsight would have been good but at the time Watson had to make his decision, Hoerschel wasn’t even on the radar based on his play to that point. That’s why I’d be in favor of reserving the final RC spot to the highest finishing non-auto qualifier in the FedEx Cup Playoff.

    • Bermuda Bob says:

      The problem with going totally with a team of qualifiers is that you end up with players like that yahoo Gerry Watson, who is more of a liability than the media will admit. I think I’d rather see three (3) changes to the competition.

      1. The Captain may not be an active Tour player, Senior player is fine, but lets not go back to peer-Captains ….

      2. The Captains may pick up to 24 hours before the plane leaves …

      3. The Captains must play a Match that counts for points.

      This does not discount errors in judgement. If you want to eliminate that, then play the players against each other by ranking … As in the #1 American plays the #1 Euro, and so on and so fort, thus taking decisions on Sunday out of the Captain’s hands …

      Oh yeah … The Assistants are Coaches, not “vice” anything … That’s a dumb term in politics and it’s equally dumb to apply it to sports !!!

      Rock On !!!

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