Rickie Fowler in OWGR Top Ten For First Time; Furyk in Top Five; Horschel Races Past Tiger Woods

Rickie Fowler’s improved play this year, including his stellar play in recent weeks, has pushed him into the OWGR Top Ten for the first time ever.

Jim Furyk jumped two slots to OWGR #5.  He is the only American in the top five.  [Note to self: Consider whether Furyk’s longevity is due to playing his entire life with his natural swing.]

Billy Horschel moved from #59 to #14 in just three weeks, an incredible run.  He has turned himself into one of the most interesting stories to follow in 2015.  By the way, Horschel is now ranked one rung above erstwhile media darling Tiger Woods.

Jimmy Walker has risen from #63 to #19 in the past 12 months under the guidance of Butch Harmon.

Bubba Watson is the American player who accumulated the most points in 2014.

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3 Responses to Rickie Fowler in OWGR Top Ten For First Time; Furyk in Top Five; Horschel Races Past Tiger Woods

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s no question Furyk’s longevity is due in part to his natural golf swing. We know you’re jabbing at TW and his changes but it’s warranted here. IMO, TW’s injuries and troubles right now are a result of TW trying to make a golf swing that his body doesn’t like. When he played great, it looked natural; not now.

    All of the best players out there have natural looking swings and the ones that struggle show signs of trying to do something the body doesn’t like. Even guys like Rickie and Jimmy, who have relatively new instructors, have tweaked their swings for the better while keeping it in the relm of natural.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I expect the Fed Ex cup to keep changing…..Four weeks in a row eliminates most of the older golfers…..Also, still not a fan of the final round….Basically, if you are out of the top 5, you haven’t got much of a chance to win the $10 million……Sure, you still get a $1.4 million paycheck by winning the final weeks tournament, but the big check belongs to the top 5 players, so why bother having 30 guys in the field? The Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup ect. start with ZERO points advantage, when starting the final game or series……IMO, just eliminate all that positioning crap for the FINAL round, and who ever wins in the top 30, wins the $10 million…..It would certainly add more drama to it…….It’s basically the rich get richer type of event…Rory Mcllroy will probably win the tournament about 4 times, if it continues long enough…I really could care less if they keep the event….

    • lannyh says:

      I agree. I was thinking how goofy it is for the “championship event” to need a guy to explain the possibilities on a sideboard. It’s like the final two weeks of the NFL when they are doing playoff scenarios. (“The Saints needs Atlanta to tie or lose, and for Tampa Bay to beat Carolina in order to win the division. Now they can still make wildcard if the Bears…”) That should NOT be a topic of discussion on the back nine on championship Sunday.

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