Sunday Thoughts: Wozniacki; Cherry Hills; Woods is most like Bonds or Leaf?

Caroline Wozniacki: Don’t forget Caroline Wozniacki is playing in the finals of the US Open this afternoon at 4:30 EDT on CBS.

Cherry Hills: The final round of the golf playoff semi-finals takes place today.  Billy Horschel is three shots clear of Ryan Palmer, who is two shots clear of the rest of the field.  Should that final group falter, Kaymer, Bubba, Rickie, and Sergio are poised to strike.

Tiger is Barry Bonds, or Ryan Leaf?  Or maybe he is both with a little bit of Pee Wee Herman thrown in?  The Barry Bonds case is, of course, based on Woods’s connections to the most infamous doping doctors of our age.  The Ryan Leaf case is based on how far short Woods fell from expectations and media hype.  Woods was supposed to blow past Jack Nicklaus’s majors record and end up with 30 majors.  He hasn’t even reached half of that.

But where Woods really fell short was in the image department.  From the bizarre lemming-like children chanting “I am Tiger Woods,” to his father’s insistence that Woods would be greater than Gandhi, to the gushing media’s dismissal of all golf history and declaration that There Is No Golf But Tiger, to the Glamor Shot photos of his “loving family” (including a fluffy puppy!), Woods has failed.  Failed is not strong enough.  He miserably, deceitfully, massively, embarrassingly failed.

The Pee Wee Herman case is based on how everyone thinks of him and laughs.  Just like they do with Woods.  Woods is now, above all, a late night comedian punch line.

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2 Responses to Sunday Thoughts: Wozniacki; Cherry Hills; Woods is most like Bonds or Leaf?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Really? Ryan Leaf?

    Peyton Manning would be a better comparison as far as performance goes. Won a boat load of “meaningless” games but didn’t win as many “big ones” as everyone said he would/should.

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