Golf is dying? No, but American golf journalism (and some other things) died a long time ago.

  • If the FedEx Cup playoffs are a big deal, how come the Ryder Cup has dominated coverage?  How come the rest week was eliminated from the FedExCup playoffs so that there could be a rest week prior to the Ryder Cup?
  • How come some golf pages at CBS Sports and have basic bugs in them, causing them to be unreadable?  I had to go to three websites before I could see Rd 2 tee times for this week?
  • How come the search feature at the “new” (eight months and counting) OWGR website still doesn’t work?
  • How come the leaderboard still does not maintain user by-column alternate sorts for more than a few seconds?  And why does the leaderboard automatically open up player profiles when I pull up the leaderboard?
  • Why is Live@ streaming so hit-and-miss?  It may come on when pre-announced, it may not.  And why aren’t feature groups pre-announced?
  • Does writing two or three inane sentences surrounded by eternally-playing GIFs really constitute “a golf article”?  How about showing the clothes some Nike or Puma player will be “rocking”?  How is that a golf article instead of an advertisement?
  • Why does every online golf “journalist” feel the need to do his own version of the above-mentioned GIF “article”?  AWESOME VIDEO!!!   You won’t believe what this squirrel did to Jason Day’s golf ball!!  (It ran over and sniffed it.  Yeah, that’s so freaking AWESOME, man.)
  • For that matter, why do all the online golf “journalists” write the same crap?  What’s their value add?  Why not just put up well-written AP news stories like in the old days?  Wouldn’t that be better than half-ass articles written by guys who resent having to cover golf now because Tiger Woods isn’t on Sports Center any more.
  • Why have click-begging Huffington Post-style headlines (“Sarah Palin put WHAT in her dress?”) become the norm for golf websites?
  • What happened to pride in workmanship?
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2 Responses to Golf is dying? No, but American golf journalism (and some other things) died a long time ago.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m not the only one who RARELY reads the articles, but enjoys the comments left by others…..Since as you said, the writers rarely add new things to ‘known topics’, they just rehash something to fill the article space……I probably read less than 10% of any article on CBS, and I don’t even bother with ESPN, they suck….

    • lannyh says:

      I miss the old message boards CBS had up until a couple of years ago. Those allowed commenters to set their own topics and were usually more active than the comment sections at the CBS-written articles. (Which might be why they got rid of the message boards.)

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