Future and Futurer (or, Here’s Looking at You, Kids)

Don’t look now, but Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth are leading at Cherry Hills.  Could we be about to witness this generation’s version of the epic 1960 Arnie-Jack-Hogan battle?

Rory and Jordan in the final group on Sunday > NFL.


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4 Responses to Future and Futurer (or, Here’s Looking at You, Kids)

  1. Bermuda Bob says:

    I know it’s your site, but you have just fallen into the same abyss that many Commentators have these days. For instance:

    1. A player who has increased his/her level of fitness, is “more fit” not “fitter” – a “Fitter” is someone who fits pipes !!! Recently, a remodeling magazine printed a headline about the “unfittest” house on the block. I’m still waiting their reply.

    2. A player who has excelled on the course has not played “good,” he/she has played “well” !!!

    3. A player can be an excellent ball striker, but he/she cannot be an “… excellent driver of the ball” !!!

    4. A player can only give 100% as that is is superlative. He/she cannot give more than 100%. Clothes can be “whiter than white” or “blacker than black” as both are at opposite ends of the colour-light spectrum where there is no further to go.

    Likewise, my friend, the future is an endless abyss of curiosity. I get that Speith will, presumably, surpass Rory due to the ravages of nature and old age, but I’ll presume that your finger slid to the extra “r” on second “future” …

    Rock On !!!

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