Monday Tee Times — Weather Roulette Means No Tape Delay (good!)

Looks like no moving up of tee times.  There’s a good chance of problematic weather tomorrow afternoon, but it’s not a certainty.  I like this decision because if they move the times up, it means no live coverage, which ruins an event, in my opinion.  No one much watches tape delay tournaments these days, as it takes ten seconds to check the results on the Internet.  This is too good an event not to show it all live.

(If they played more events on the west coast, weather wouldn’t be such a headache because they could start earlier (when needed) and still have an afternoon slot on the east coast.  Unfortunately, the PGA Tour seems anti-west coast for some reason.)

Next week is Cherry Hills in Colorado, so what with this Labor Day Monday finish, there was some concern about the event bleeding over into Tuesday.  My view is either (1) Show it live, or (2) Don’t worry if you have to finish Tuesday or Wednesday.  I’m really looking forward to Cherry Hills, though.  I don’t know much about the course other than it was the site of one of the classic U.S. Opens.

Anyway, let’s hope for good weather as it is setting up for a great finish.  Nice to see Bud Cauley get the win today and ensure his status for next year.  Colt Knost just missed forcing a playoff.

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