Detailed Examination of Tiger Woods’s Back Injury from Stack Magazine

Interesting article about Tiger Woods’s back injury from a publication called Stack.  Written by physical therapist Mo Skelton, it’s a detailed, realistic, clinical assessment you won’t get from the golf media:

The reality is that Woods’ body will never be the same, because he’s had multiple surgeries—and especially because he had back surgery. Taking that shot on the edge of the bunker at Bridgestone and landing awkwardly showed discerning fans that his body is no longer primed for the rigors of professional golf.

I’d never heard of Stack magazine before.  Turns out it is a publication aimed at educating high school athletes on the proper ways to train for their sports.  It seems legit, but why in the hell would you name a magazine for high school athletes “Stack”?  For those not familiar with the world of PEDs, “stack” is a term for a combination of steroids (or other PEDs) that are taken at the same time.

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2 Responses to Detailed Examination of Tiger Woods’s Back Injury from Stack Magazine

  1. Anonymous says:

    IF doctors are telling Woods the truth about his back/body, you wonder if the ‘next, new’ steroid treatment is what he is considering……Just don’t see him as the sit back and eat protein shakes, kind of guy….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hate the fact that at the end of each article on Wood’s injuries, past present or future, they still kiss his butt and insist he’s not done, he will return to dominance, he’ll be winning again. It really irritates me to no end. Open your eyes and be realistic. For a guy who is supposedly the greatest human specimen to ever walk the earth, he seems to get hurt an awful lot. All the “agility reps” in the world cannot and will not repair his torn and tattered body. Joe Namath and Bo Jackson come to mind. Look at Larry Bird and his back issues also. Bo Jackson was one of the greatest athletes to ever play sports and even he was unable to rehab his injuries (which were far less in number than woods) And yes I do know football is a contact sport but my point here is this: the human body has it’s limits. It can take only so much abuse. This applies to everyone, yes even Eldrick.

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