Paul Azinger: Naked and Jacking It in San Diego

Paul Azinger has issues.

I turned on Golf Channel this morning thinking I’d get information about the FedEx Cup playoffs, specifically the Deutsche Bank Championship which starts in two days.  Not an unreasonable expectation, was it?

Instead I encountered a Golf Channel Tiger Woods circle jerk with Paul Azinger as team leader.  Damon Hack called it “Tiger Tuesday.”  I call it “Jacking It in San Diego.”

I turned Golf Channel off after hearing Azinger say Woods was the “greatest athlete who has ever played golf, by a large margin.”  Again, one need only point to Hale Irwin, who was a two-time all-Big Eight collegiate football player in addition to playing on the golf team, to disprove Azinger’s nonsense.  And it’s hardly like Irwin is an outlier.  The Tour has a long history of far better athletes than Woods.  (Is Woods even a great athlete?  What other sports did he play?)  Nevertheless, Azinger states Woods is the “greatest athlete who has ever played golf, by a large margin.”

Is Azinger that desperate for a paycheck?  Sad.  Very sad.

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10 Responses to Paul Azinger: Naked and Jacking It in San Diego

  1. Anonymous says:

    Azinger gets worse and worse as the days go by. He is a terrible commentator. Sometimes I think he is living on another planet. I love it when another golfer, literally any other golfer in the field, is hitting a shot around the green (be it a pitch,chip, flop, bunker) he says ” We all know who the best in world is at hitting that shot” or “Tiger plays those type of shots beautifully” . Its so annoying.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a competitor myself, there is no way I could KISS UP to another golfer like some former PROS seem to….It’s one thing to pay a compliment here or there, but NOT the over the top stuff that Azinger and the like do…….Azinger saying nonsense like this, after we know that JUICING was a large part of Woods career, should stop those kind of statements….Ofcourse the media is pretending Dr Galea doesn’t even exist, and all those new steroid revelation books are just for children, or something…

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, Golf Channel has Hank Haney on to discuss the fact that Woods and Foley went their separate ways, but they have yet to ask Haney about the fact that there were fourteen visits to Woods’s home from Galea, not the “four or five” Haney claimed.

    • sretsam68 says:

      You, sir (or madam)…are correct!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really gotta wonder why Haney would do some lame interview with the golf channel……..He knows all the questions will be rigged and pointless…..I would think Haney would consider the golf channel ‘beneath him’……

    • Anonymous says:

      Haney loves attention and the camera.

      • Anonymous says:

        Probably right, but since the interview wouldn’t be about him, you’d think he’d keep his distance….On the other hand, he probably gets paid a few grand to wax peotic for a few minutes about his former pupil……

  3. sretsam68 says:

    When you put Azinger, who may be the worst television play-by-play golf analyst, on what may be the worst show on television – not just Golf Channel – you have a recipe for delusions and disaster. Azinger is so far up Woods’ arse, he can see his lunch.

  4. scratch1957 says:

    Although he wasn’t a college two-sport athlete, Sam Snead was probably the best athlete ever to play golf. Have you ever read up on his athletic feats? If you haven’t you should.

    • Anonymous says:

      Golf is one of those sports, that’s it’s DIFFICULT to judge a person’s athleticism……MOST of today’s analysts do the classic ‘Everything is better now than before'(classic error of arrogance in man)….Azinger most likely thinks of Jack Nicklaus as the ‘best of the past’, so anyone who is in better shape ect, in his mind, must be a better athlete……Problem is you can be a fat lard and consistently hit a golf ball around/over 300 yards, or you can be in great shape and tall and do the same, or you can be a 5 foot 9 guy named Rory, and do the same…..

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