Tiger Woods Fires Sean Foley, Lanny H Kicks Self

I’m really steamed about this.  The other night, I realized that there was simply no way the golf media could continue their All Tiger All The Time nonsense even a day longer unless… Woods fired Foley.

I made a note of it, but never got around to mentioning it here.

Now we can look forward to Chamblee waxing poetic over swing video, Tilghman telling us breathlessly of the “golf world’s great anticipation” of Woods’s every event with his “new swing,” and the golf journalemmings bombarding us with daily articles such as, “Who Should It Be?”; “Will Butch Return?”; “Will Haney Return?”

Notice the timing of this: right smack in the middle of the FedEx Cup playoffs and just a month before the Ryder Cup.  A time when Woods would have been completely ignored.  A guy with class would have waited until after the Ryder Cup, but, well, no one has ever accused Woods of having class.

I wonder if his sponsors are calling the shots.  They were getting nothing for their money with his name completely out of the headlines.  There can be little doubt Quicken Loans pushed Woods to come back too early and play their DC Invitational.  Woods also should have sat out the British Open and PGA Championship (and WGC Firestone), but something — provisional payment clauses in his contract? — caused him to plod through those tournaments.

Now, back to kicking myself, because, whether you believe it or not — and no one will believe it — I saw this coming.  It was their only available option.

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10 Responses to Tiger Woods Fires Sean Foley, Lanny H Kicks Self

  1. Henny B says:

    Believe it or not I saw this coming also, but not from a corporate standpointe. Tiger was all out of excuses, somebody has to take the blame. Good call on all the “anticipation” stories to follow. Brandell is probably over the moon right now! LOL . So now we have to choke and all the “Tiger re-builds swing for the fourth time” “No other player has ever done this before in the history of the game” “We’ll see the Tiger of 2000 again”
    I’ll have my puke bucket ready.

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, you’re right, we’ll hear a million times how no one in history has rebuilt his swing FOUR times!!

      • Henny B says:

        I think thsi is karma coming back to haunt Sean Foley. Do you remeber the interview he gave to the GC back in 2010? He completely belittled Hank Haney and his swing philosophy going so far as blaming him for Tiger’s injuries and ruining the greatest golfer/athlete to play the game. But he “the savior” had arrived and now he had to “undo everything” Haney taught Tiger.He really threw him under the bus. Personally I thought what he did was wrong. You just dont do that to one of your peers and the record Haney had with Woods. I remember Foley saying how his method was so much more superior than Haney’s and Tiger would never be able to hook the ball and he was going to play a power fade like Hogan and Jack. Maybe this is all coming back to bite him? what do you think?

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah EGO DRIVEN TIMING, but I actually don’t believe Woods is that smart, no seriously….The agent is running the show here imo…..Here’s the conundrum, if anyone has listened to Woods fans, you will hear how JUST last year, he won 5 events….So wasn’t that because of Foley? I guess not(bet the golf channel will suddenly be quiet about that stat)…..Now that he’s had ‘SO CALLED’ back issues, it is all Foley’s fault? Doesn’t this sound rather bizarre?… Foley has a RECENT major winner in Justin Rose as his swing coach, along with yesterday’s winner in Hunter Mahan…..

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a very good point. Foley’s other students don’t seem to have any problems “getting it”. Foley’s philosophy doesn’t seem to be causing back issues with any other his students. I laugh because as soon as Woods left Haney the GC said “oh this is the best thing Tiger could do for himself and his swing” Now Foley is the bad guy. “This is the right decision for Tiger, the best decision he could make right now is leaving Foley, he’s responsable for tiger’s back issues.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble their Lanny but a lot of us saw this coming.

    • lannyh says:

      Sure, you’ve been seeing it for years, and would have continued to see it for years, but ole Lanny expected it NOW. Because Woods had no other way to be in the headlines at all during the FedEx and Ryder Cup.

      • Anonymous says:

        There are a lot of ways TW could have stayed in the headlines. This one actually made sense and the timing is logical as he’ll be off for a while and can start fresh in 2015.

      • lannyh says:

        How else? Announce he’s dating Michael Sam?

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