Rory Lays an Egg

Rory McIlroy must be happy the PGA Tour’s “playoffs” are nothing at all like real playoffs.  If they were, Rory McIlroy would be packing his bags and saying, “There’s always next year.”  In what was arguably the most disappointing round in golf history, Rory shot +3 on a day when the field was going low.  He wound up T-102.  His was a Tony Romo five-turnover, one-and-done effort.  Of course, had Romo been playing golf with Rory today, he would have beaten the Irishman.

The only thing worse than Rory’s performance was the PGA Tour’s inexcusable 2-hour delay of their live stream coverage.  All year long, we had the “FedEx Cup Playoffs” crammed down our throats, and then they didn’t even test the stream before go-time arrived?

A mere lowly golf fan like ole Lanny expected a little more out of Rory, what with the golf media announcing the dawn of the “Rory Era” and all.  Rory evidently did believe the hype, so he spent his preparation time partying in Manhattan, even stopping by the Jimmy Fallon show with Tiger Woods, plugging Nike gear with the inanity of starlets plugging their latest projects, great works of art like “Two Hunger Girls” and “Big Twilight Theory.”

Remember what Bill Graham told Jimi Hendrix after flashy but uninspired performances during the first two of four New Year’s shows at the Fillmore East in 1970?  “You did everything but play guitar.”  Well, Mr. McIlroy, you did everything but play golf.

Hendrix, spurred on by Graham’s criticism, stood stock still for the final two shows and produced the immortal version of “Machine Gun” which appears on the live Band of Gypsys album along with five other classic song performances from that night.

Let’s hope Rory remembers to play golf tomorrow, and throughout the rest of the FedEx Cup Playoffs.

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3 Responses to Rory Lays an Egg

  1. Anonymous says:

    after round 2 though..Rory has a REAL good chance at winning 4 in a row……

    • lannyh says:

      Sure does. Too bad that putt on 18 didn’t fall. I don’t guess the wait made any difference, but, all the same, I wish he hadn’t had the ten minute delay.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rory “Resilient” McIlroy

    Compliments of Kelly Tighlman

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