PGA Playoffs Thursday Morning Live Stream Reminder

Update 3: Two hours after it’s announced start time, the stream is finally up.  Rory is on his seventh hole of the day.  You will show every shot of Rory’s?  By the way, Rory is +3.  +3 before we ever get a single shot.  Brilliant, PGA Tour, just brilliant.  By the time you get the stream going, it’s not worth watching.

Update 2: Make it an hour and counting.  The PGA Tour advertised that every shot of Rory’s would be shown.  Right now it looks like zero shots of Rory will be shown.

Update: It’s 30 minutes after the announced airtime, and there is still no live stream.  Rory has already teed off.  My guess is that Tim Finchem and the boys are busy covering up some new Tiger Woods PED developments.  Maybe they are planning a new attack on Vijay Singh’s reputation.  What a hapless organization the PGA Tour has become.  The players should demand real leadership.  Finchem needs to leave immediately.  Their wonderful “playoffs” are here, and they can’t be bothered to test the stream before air time?  All the hand-wringing about Woods’s decline hurting interest and they can’t be bothered to show Rory live, the OWGR #1 who just won two majors and a WGC in a row and is looking for four in a row?

Reminder: will have live streaming coverage of tomorrow’s action beginning at 8:00am EDT.  Rory’s group is the featured group and starts at 8:26.

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3 Responses to PGA Playoffs Thursday Morning Live Stream Reminder

  1. Anonymous says:

    Guess Rory shouldn’t have gone on the tonight show……

    • lannyh says:

      I thought the same thing. I expected he might play poorly, but on the other hand, he’d been on form, so I would not have been surprised had he played well.

      Very annoying that I set my clock and scheduled my morning around catching Rory’s group, and then the PGA Tour blows the streaming coverage for two hours.

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