David Walsh on Financial Incentives for Doping Coverups in Sports

I stumbled upon a recent CNN piece on Lance Armstrong via this FraudBytes article.  David Walsh, as you may recall, was the Irish sportswriter who covered cycling and was the only journalist who didn’t ignore the obvious signs of Armstrong’s doping.  (Lance sued him and the Sunday Times for millions, won, and now has had to return the money.)

So why am I bringing this up on a golf website?  Because of this comment of Walsh’s during a CNN interview:

Q: Do you think other sports are in denial about drugs?

 A: Yes, I do. Yeah, I do. I think cycling has had a particular problem, I think other sports have maybe a lesser problem. The commercial interests now are so great that there’s a huge, an imperative almost, to create good news stories, to create the image that everything is great. And unless journalists do their jobs and ask questions, I think most sports are run by people for whom the bottom line is everything. How much profit can we make. And if exposing our sport to be drug-riddled damages the bottom line, then it’s likely to be covered up.

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2 Responses to David Walsh on Financial Incentives for Doping Coverups in Sports

  1. Anonymous says:

    People who thought steroids/peds were on their way out are sadly mistaken….The CYCLES of morality and business are right in front of our eyes…..Almost reminds me of the ‘prohibition’ era…..Steroids/peds could actually bring back the rise of a new mafia/mob mentality……Business is rapidly desiring more and more power….It’s not just profit anymore, now they want to tell us what how we should think about certain topics ect……..If they can’t do that, they will find ways of removing folks until they do……..

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